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99Papers Review


Some concepts are easy to grasp yet almost impossible to understand at a certain age. As a young student, you get the notion that time is a limited quantity. However, young people rarely treat it as such, often squandering the single resource that is immutable and cannot be multiplied: time. 

While a 99papers review is hardly the occasion for tackling mortality, it does discuss an increasing need for students to get some of their time back by hiring someone to write their most tedious papers. That is why we decide to write a new essay writing service review about 99Papers.

Benefits to your health: time as a resource. 

In our modern world, the economy doesn’t orient itself towards back-breaking labor. Instead, we have a situation where your status as a student or an employee will be stressful and time-consuming. 

This situation is arguably worse than manual labor. Try as you might, no amount of luxury can cheer you up if you are underslept and stressed. Being constantly tired will age you ahead of your time and will cause you to be generally unhappy. 

Still, there are ways to mitigate that damage by outsourcing your busy work. While you must retain the right to write and study for the fields that actually interest you, real-life will rarely afford you that opportunity.

Your college schedule will be filled with useless secondary subjects. This inflation is intentional and implemented to prolong your study period to charge you more money artificially.

For those useless subjects, a 99papers essay is ideal.

Even if you are already employed, this website can help you. 99papers reviews mention hiring writers to do most of the prep work and having them write a summary. 

Overall, no amount of vitamin supplements or going to the gym will help your body if it doesn’t get enough rest. Try and find shortcuts that will allow you to get enough sleep or decompress after a rough period. 

Judging by all of the positive online 99papers reviews of paper writing, this service represents one of those shortcuts. 

What other people say; reading reviews

99papers is not a newcomer to the online paper writing scene. As a company, they have gathered experience and a sizable following. Of course, the reviews are mixed. 

It is rare to find a paper service that receives universal praise, which is an excellent situation. 

The lukewarm reception means that the reviews are not bought, a common practice among all online services.  

It is effortless to distinguish a paid 99papers review from a genuine one, as the company is famous for its overly-aggressive marketing. Yet, I advise any consumer of any product to never rely on a company’s marketing. 

There have always been sub-standard products with brilliant commercials, seeing as different departments handle manufacturing and advertising. An in-house commercial 99paper review will never tell you the whole truth.

The company praises itself endlessly, while in truth, it provides a mediocre product. Still, this mediocrity is more than enough to get you an acceptable grade while freeing up your schedule. This passing grade is all you can and should expect from outsourcing a paper to another writer.

In truth, nobody knows your teacher better than you. You’re aware of his/her pet peeves and requirements. Expect mediocrity when outsourcing.

Support needed

In terms of support, it seems that the service is lacking. Multiple reviews mention the lackluster support system and slow response times. This is my personal pet peeve, as I have a very low tolerance for shoddy customer support. It may not bother you as much, especially if you plan your order ahead of time and can afford to wait.

Still, 99papers must understand what they are selling. They are selling time back to their customers. Writing is just how it is achieved. 

If we had the time to write the paper ourselves, most of us would probably do a better job than their writers. As mentioned, we know the subject and our teachers. However, we do not have the time, hence the outsourcing of the task. 

The company isn’t doing itself any favors by delaying orders via slow response times. Ultimately it is their main feature to solve problems on tight deadlines. 

99papers review of the website

I like their site, despite (or maybe because) their aggressive marketing. It is charming and colorful, without seeming too cluttered and unintuitive. 

Speaking of aggressive marketing, I was greeted with a giant pop-up message as soon as I accessed the main page. The banner was colorful, asking for my email and promising me a gift.

It is standard in the online essay business to offer your clients a discount code for his/her first order. Yet, while most sites have this offer as a mention somewhere in the corner of the page, 99papers essay service blasts you with it, making it seem like a much bigger deal. 

It is making a mountain out of a molehill, yet it works. 

You get a measly discount while they get to put you in a database. 

99papers reviews

As for the color scheme, the page has a white background with various blue banners and highlights. Buttons are typically green, and the bottom flag is red. The color scheme is nothing special, yet I don’t expect it to be. 

The website centrally advertises its inquiry feature. Customers can probe the waters and get a rough estimate of the service and its costs before deciding to buy anything.

On the right-hand side of the page, a price estimation tool is available. Clients are able to calculate the total costs of their forthcoming paper based on a few criteria.

It is possible to select the type of paper, the difficulty via Academic level, the deadline, and the word density. Things can get a little more complicated as you progress with the order, but you are given an estimate within the range of what you will finally pay. 

is 99papers legit

99papers review of prices

I am pleased with the 99papers pricing range and writing policies, in addition to the 99papers discount.

Other services seem to overestimate their product’s value and request extreme prices such as $19.99 per page. Whenever I encounter such high prices, I make sure to point out the truth: many of these sites hire freelancers.

Some are good, most are mediocre, and some are bad. Nobody can guarantee top-grade quality with essay sites. As previously mentioned, they are here to prevent you from failing a subject by getting you a passing grade. It is excellent when a writer surpasses that expectation and gets you an A+, yet don’t rely on that result. 

Thus, the 99papers price of just $9.95 per page is ideal. This is only the starting price for the cheapest category of page. It is reasonable to expect the price to increase proportionately to the difficulty and the urgency of the deadline. 

They even offer papers on a 3-hour deadline. I find this hard to believe. If true, it is a strong selling point and speaks of their staff’s competence. 

Free unlimited revisions are included with every order. They will check and rewrite until you are happy.

is 99papers cheating

If you still are not happy, a money-back guarantee is available. I strongly dislike services that try to steal my money. 99papers’s policy of returning my funds is praiseworthy.

For my order, I have not requested a refund. I hope that they do not typically drag-out the refund process for those who ask for their money back. 

is reliable


You are hungry and away from home, with no ability to cook.

Also, you have a meeting in an hour. Of course, fast-food will fill up your stomach and get you through the day. It is severely damaging to abuse this type of food, yet food-food will do for an urgent situation. 

Despite their marketing, essay sites should be viewed with the same mindset. You shouldn’t have others doing your work, nor is that work particularly impressive. 

Yet, when you are in a pinch and time is short, essay sites can provide some much-needed relief. 

The Essay I Bought From 99Papers Essay Writing Service


  • Academic level: High school
  • Type of paper: Essay
  • Topic: American English vs. British English: Major Differences
  • Length: 1 page
  • Citation: APA
  • Urgency: 10 days
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99Papers Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Grammar and Spelling 8/10
  • All the three are different” — all three are different
  • “in pronunciation, vocabularies, and spellings” — in pronunciation, vocabulary, and spelling
  • “The pronunciation of words between the two segments is noticeable” — the differences in pronunciation between the segments is noticeable
  • “under British English” — in British English
Style and word choice 6/10
  • Significant Differences between American and British English” — major differences between American and British English
  • “Notably, it is divided into three different segments, including American, Australian, and British English.” — Namely, it is divided into three different segments — American, Australian, and British English.
  • “Despite the language having differences, it also has several similarities” — Despite the dialects having differences, they also have several similarities
  • “specific significant outstanding differences” — too wordy
  • “despite most words being shared between the two, they have different meanings” — despite most words being shared between the two, they might have different meanings
  • “is pronounced to mean a cushioning device” — describes a cushioning device
  • “In conclusion, despite the existing differences between the two, citizens from the two easily understand each other” — “the two” is repetitive
Punctuation 8/10
  • in words farm or even hard” — in words “farm” or even “hard”
  • “Such terms include controversy” — Such terms include “controversy”
  • the word schedule — the word “schedule”
  • “The word Fender” — The word “fender”
  • “in the word color” — in the word “color”
Formating 7/10
  • The formatting is a bit off. According to the APA standards, the writer should have added a running head and shouldn’t have put the name of the paper on the first page of the text.
Plagiarism 10/10
  • The text appears to be 100% original.
Documentation and evidence10/10
  • All the sources used were relevant and were cited properly.
Following instructions10/10
  • The writer followed all the instructions they were given, including the revision instructions.
  • The first and the second draft of the paper were delivered before the deadline.
Ordering and delivery10/10
  • The ordering process was fast and easy.
Communication with support1/10
  • We only got a chance to communicate with the writer.
Communication with the writer 10/10
  • We have reached out to the writer to ask them for a revision. The writer replied promptly and made all the changes we had requested. 
  • The payment process was fast and secure.
Ideas and content8/10
  • “For instance, in Britain, the word analyze is written by replacing the letter “s” with a “z”, hence written as analyze” — For instance, in Britain, the word “analyze” is written by replacing the letter “z” with an “s”, hence written as “analyse”
  • The writer could have done better with examples of the differences between American and British English. For example, “fender” is not a very common word, so words like “pants”, “football”, “trainers”, or “braces”. 
  • The paper was separated into 3 paragraphs, which made it quite easy to follow. 

What was good

The writer delivered the essay on time and followed all our instructions. The writer has a good command of English and only made a couple of insignificant mistakes in grammar. 

What was missing

Although the writer didn’t make many mistakes in grammar, the wording was off quite a few times throughout the text. Besides, the author didn’t format the essay properly.


We made 99Papers review and analyzed the essay sample. All in all, it’s not a bad high school level essay. It is a coherent text that presented different arguments on the topic.  Although the writer didn’t make any major grammatical errors, the wording was a bit off on many occasions. When the writer presented some examples to prove their points, they forgot to format them properly and used some examples that weren’t very common. So while the essay does its job, it’s definitely far from perfect. 


Is reliable?

You will never find an essay site that is 100% reliable. They wouldn’t have revisions or a refund policy if that were the case. Essay sites hire contractors; they don’t train their own staff. This creates a slightly oscillating quality level. Still, as much as an online essay writing service can be reliable, 99papers falls into that category.

Is 99papers legit?

Short answer: yes. I have found no reason to question their legitimacy.

Is 99papers cheating?

That depends on you. If you are lazy and just want to skip doing the work: yes, it is cheating. However, if you are doing your best yet you do not have the time to tackle every useless and lackluster task: no.

Is trustworthy

The company will not share your data with anyone, and they use mainstream payment processing. Their page does push invasive cookies, which is aggravating, to say the least.

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James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

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