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Academized Review


A student’s life can be a paradox. These can indeed be some of the most beautiful, carefree, and formative years of your life. Simultaneously, students are subjected to a large amount of stress, time constraints, confusion, and general anxiety. At the end of the experience, you will be left with a bittersweet taste, a diploma, and countless pleasurable memories.

Thankfully, technology has improved the lives of students. The advent of the Internet has made access to information much more streamlined. Also, it is possible to outsource some of your more tedious tasks to third-party companies. And here you can find useful reviews on essay writing services.

As its name suggests, this Academized review will look at the Academized online paper writing service and see if it is worth your time and money.

Is Academized legit? 

This question has a straightforward answer: yes. While writing this Academized review, I found nothing that would question the legitimacy of this service.  Also, no blog posts or customer reviews claimed that they did not deliver the papers, nor did I find evidence of payment fraud.  So, we have established that this is a legal and legitimate business, but is it considered cheating? 

Here, the answer is a bit more variable. Only you can accurately answer that question because it depends on why you are using a paper writing company in the first place. 

It is no secret that some teachers and universities like to drown their students in busywork and bloat their schedules with useless subjects. After all, Universities see increased profits by prolonging the time you spend taking their classes. 

Using a paper writing company to clear your schedule a bit will let you focus on your more important subjects. Mid-Term and Finals can be very hectic periods, so having relief in pressure and time will help enormously.

Reading other Academized reviews

While I did not take them as gospel, I first researched other Academized writing service reviews before committing to this specific company. Paper writing services regularly receive mixed reviews, a good sign that there is an active demand for such services, and the landscape is not flooded with fake, paid reviews.

The norm is for such a service to receive lukewarm reviews, yet Academized writing reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Former customers regularly praise their commitment to meeting deadlines without compromising quality. I do not know if this increase in quality is due to harsher vetting criteria for their writers. Whatever the cause for their success, they should keep it up.

academized writing reviews

About the company

Academized is one of many paper writing services on the Internet. They promise to deliver well-written papers on time. In theory, these papers shouldn’t just get you a passing grade, as the customer can expect high marks when turning in this work.

Their team is said to have both remote and in-house writers. These writers are all vetted, as they are expected to have academic credentials. Besides, every new writer is put through a series of tests designed to assess his writing speed and competence.  These evaluations are held under the watchful eye of more experienced writers and quality assurance professionals.

review on Academized

Up until this point, everything is industry-standard. However, Academized seems to go the extra mile by helping the students become better authors themselves.

They offer samples and how-to guides for newbies. These guides will instruct the student about writing, researching, editing, and structuring each paper. There are even tips on how to impress your professors.

Security Academized review

It is no secret that online business makes its money by collecting your data and selling it to interested parties. Thankfully, I have found no evidence of confidentiality breaches or compromised data leaks when it comes to Academized. I draw this conclusion based on my personal experience and other Academized reviews. Your information is safe. So you don’t need to wonder “Is Academized legit?”.

Review of Academized website

Overall, Academized has a functional and well-designed website that is mobile-compatible. In my opinion, the design is a little bland, and I have seen other more inspired designs with more exciting color schemes. Still, that is just an issue of superficial aesthetics and not something that should influence your decision.

As another minor gripe, the top of the page will be covered with a cookie notification banner. Although it is not that large, the banner simply ruins the ergonomics and spacing of the page. 

This inclusion is understandable, given that the bottom of the site is currently occupied by another banner that announces a 15% Academized discount code for new customers. 

The layout is very information-dense. This arrangement is to be appreciated, as other sites sacrifice this quality to make the page look more streamlined. You won’t have to access any other pages or have to go through endless hyperlinks to obtain the desired result. 

Academized review

For those who often use paper writing services, you will recognize the price estimation feature present on the right-half of their homepage. It is refreshing to have a fixed price, and not have to negotiate or shop around for the cheapest writer. 

This tool saves time, especially when you are browsing multiple services before deciding on your final pick. So, is Academized a good website? Does it have a reliable web page? In my opinion: yes!

Review on Academized price

Many Academized ratings fail to mention that the service is a little more pricey than the industry average. Taking as our benchmark the price of a single high school level page, we see an average $2 price increase. 

The market standard is somewhere around 11$, yet Academized charges 12.99$. This modest price increase poses no severe financial burden on me, yet we must consider that such services are often accessed by those living on a college student’s budget. Admittedly, a slight price increase is a minor gripe, yet it should be mentioned. 

academized writing service reviews

Of course, the prices aren’t just randomly increased/decreased. They are calculated based on several criteria. First, we can select the academic level. Academized can provide papers for High School, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Master’s, and Doctoral level students. Regardless of your academic level, this service has you covered.

The second criterion will be the deadline for the paper and its urgency. Taking as an example the college level, we have:

Deadline Price per Page
14 days $14.99
10 days $15.99
7 days $16.55
6 days $16.99
5 days $18.99
4 days $19.99
3 days $20.99
2 days $23.99
24 hours $24.99
18 hours $27.99
12 hours $29.99
8 hours $33.99
6 hours $35.99
3 hours $41.99


Some services offer discounts as an afterthought, treating it as an obligatory feature that must be added. Thankfully, Academized doesn’t share that attitude. Their offered discounts are well-thought-out, as they reward the interest and loyalty of the customer. 

For example, we have Life-Time discounts. If you order more than 15 pages from Academized, it will be possible to receive a 5% lifetime discount. For more than 50 pages ordered, the deal climbs to 10%, and for clients who buy more than 100 pages, the discount will be 15%.

As previously mentioned, first-time clients will also receive a 15% price reduction off their first order. Certain features are offered for free, although other sites may charge you for them. These free services include a Plagiarism Report, Limitless Amendments, Formatting, Bibliography, a general outline, and a Title Page. Overall their pricing scheme, along with the discount policy, is beyond reproach.

Reviews on Academized customer service

As a customer, there are instances when I just need some questions answered, and there are situations when I need urgent help. A service that I am using should facilitate both of those situations. I found that I could send the standard email questions, but I rarely have the time or the patience to wait for the answers. The response time varies, ranging from hours to a day or two. 

Thankfully, Academized has integrated a live chat function, along with a phone number that you can call. In my book, this earns them top marks. I do not appreciate being redirected to an FAQ or a forum when I want to talk to an actual person. In terms of their staff, I have no complaints. They were professional and polite, as is to be expected from any business.  Based on my experience, the writers had the same attitude. Yet, other online reviews do mention the hit-or-miss quality of the writing staff. That may be, but I have yet to see any evidence of that impression.

Before you order a paper, you should always try to contact one of the customer support representatives. After you order, the writer should represent your main communication avenue.

The Essay I Bought From Academized


  • Type of paper: Essay
  • Topic: Marketing Management of a Transnational Corporation
  • Length: 3 pages
  • Citation: APA
  • Urgency: 3 days
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Academized Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Some words or structures were used excessively and there were several commas missing. There were also several grammatical errors, semantic errors and typos. But overall, the work is commendable. It is well-organized, has a nice flow and follows the instructions.

Grammar and Spelling 6/10
  • “The marketing experts in Apple Inc. possesses experts possess (plural form)
  • “The company invests a large sum on the smart development” – invests in (wrong preposition)
  • “Major marking management” – marketing management (typo)
  • “…a successful and most effective market” – the most effective market
  • “Apple Inc. believes that the user experience is the main aspect, which can increase market sales” – in this case, “that” should be used instead of “which” 
  • “…to be helpful the individual consumers” – a preposition is missing after “helpful”
  • “And/or” cannot be used together
  • “Transactional company” instead of “transnational”
Style and Word Choice7/10
  • … and strengthening the users and their loyalty” – strengthening the loyalty is okay, but you can’t “strengthen the users”
  • … large range of product mix” – large range sounds strange; range of products, not of product mix
  • higher associates” – odd wording in this context
  • “… makes the company unique from the global market competitors” – “unique from” is wrong
  • The structure “in relation to” is used excessively – change to in addition to, besides, also
  • They include delivering a clear product message which confirms its credibility” – missing coma after “message”; “that” could be used instead of “which” without commas.
  • “…such as iPhone, iPod, Mac, and Apple Watch, among others” – the last comma is unnecessary
  • The formatting is done well, however, it would be easier to navigate the text if the author used subheadings. 
  • No plagiarism was detected, the paper was properly referenced and completely original.
Documentation and Evidence10/10

On documentation and evidence, the writer has listed Greenspan, 2019 as a reference but not cited in the paragraphs. Also, separating two sources listed together using “and” instead of a semicolon. The two sources should be arranged by order of reference list. More than three authors should be cited using “et al.”.

Following Instructions10/10
  • All the instructions were followed.
  • The essay was delivered before the deadline.
Ordering Process10/10
  • The ordering process was fast and straightforward.
Communication With Support10/10
  • The support was helpful, friendly and very quick.
Communication With the Writer10/10
  • The writer always replied promptly and was willing to take the client’s comments into consideration.
  • The payment process was fast and secure.
Ideas and Content7/10

There could be less general information and more examples of what Apple does in terms of marketing management. Some information was somewhat outdated, for example, Apple’s biggest competitors at the moment are Samsung, Huawei and Google, not Nokia and Sony. 

In paragraph 4, the writer has stated “the company focuses on five major beliefs” but states four (please add the fifth).

  • The conclusion is too short. The writer should have added some sentences on how the company manages its marketing across the globe.


How to communicate with the writer in Academized?

After a writer picks up your project, you can communicate directly with the writer via the Academized website. Just talk to him/her, and establish a direct line of communication. I do not know if you can request third-party means of communication, such as Skype. Other Academized reviews do not mention this option

Has anyone used Academized to write personal statements?

While reading Academized reviews, I have concluded that people have used this service to write everything under the Sun. As long as it’s made out of words, you can hire them to write it. From testimonials to cover letters, college essays, and term papers, they have you covered.

Does Academized plagiarize papers?

No, they do not. Every piece of work is edited and checked for plagiarism before it is sent to the client. Plagiarism is the capital sin of college writing, so the writers pay close attention to this problem. Feel free to check the paper yourself, after receiving it.

Does Academized get papers done on time?

In my experience, yes. However, I do not have a large enough sample size. I just ordered from them once, and the good quality service may have been the luck of the draw. I’ve found no believable claim online, that states to have received a paper past its deadline.

Is Academized good?

Speaking as a one-time customer, yes. The quality of my paper was on point, and I received it on time.

About the Author

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

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