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Bestessays review


We here want to make sure our readers get the most up-to-date reviews and information about as many services as we could possibly consider. The goal of this article is to give you an honest review of Bestessays in order to familiarize you with this service and give you an understanding of its function and structure. Many of you may be getting into the world of online paper writing companies for the first time so we’ll try to make sure we give you all the data necessary to make an informed decision.

What Are Essay Writing Services

Those are such services that connect you to an experienced writer that is working for them and they write a paper, an essay, a thesis, or another assignment for you in return for money. The writers are professionals with experience in academic fields and academic writing.

The process, which we’ll look further into later, is quite simple – you place your order, describe what the topic is, pay, and then you get the paper in a while, depending on how quickly you want it done.

For those of you who may have started wondering, ‘Is BestEssays legal’, ‘Is even ordering essays online legal’, the answer is a simple ‘yes’. Still, you need to be careful not to turn in a plagiarized paper. In some cases, there are sites or writers who are into it simply for the money and disregard quality. In such instances, they may give you a paper that’s been plagiarized. Most sites to state that they offer plag scan prior to giving you the writing piece but still it’s the safest bet to run one yourself before handing in the assignment.

What Services Does Bestessays Offer

studybay services

In our Bestessays review we, of course, want to give you a view of what does the site has to offer. They do custom essays, term and research papers, book reports, case studies, lab reports, articles, thesis, coursework, and even speeches.

They have a specific niche designated for the writing of the dissertation and thesis. There they offer to do a dissertation or simply chapters of such, as well as abstract, introduction chapter, literature review, methodology, results, and discussion. They are also doing thesis and dissertation proposals. You can find a research proposal service, as well. In addition, they do provide editing and proofreading.

Another quite interesting service that we want to mention in our Bestessays review is that they do online media products, such as mind maps, multimedia projects, simulation reports, and online assignments.

They are also offering help with personal statements, scholarship essays, and admission essays.

No review of Bestessays will be complete without having mentioned that they do specialize also in resume writing and editing, CV writing and editing, as well as writing cover letters.

Bestessays Prices

studybay price

In our Bestessays review, we shall also tell you a bit about their pricing. Of course, we cannot tell you all about them but we’ll show some examples so you can get an idea.

Let’s start with an essay. For High School, 10-days deadline the prices start from $19.30 per page. For college, the same deadline, the prices start from $20.41 a page. Undergraduate essays, 10-days deadline, the price starts at $21.52 a page. A Master’s essay with a 10-day deadline shall cost from $23.85 per page. And, they also offer Ph.D. essays that start from $25.29 per page for a 10-days deadline. The highest price per page for essays is that of a Ph.D. essay with a 3-hour deadline where the sum is $58.59 a page.

For a Master’s thesis, the longest deadline is 2 months and the price there starts from $25.99 a month, whereas if you need it for 48 hours, which is the shortest deadline, you’ll need to pay $43.99 per page.

For a Ph.D. dissertation, the prices start from $29.96 a page for a 2-month deadline, whereas with a 48-hour deadline the price ups to $46.61 a page.

Bestessays Discounts

studybay discount

Our review of Bestessays should also mention the discounts given. First, there is aa 15% first order discount.

Then, there are also discounts based on the number of pages you order. You get 5% off for orders of 15-50 pages, 10% off for 51-100 pages, and 15% off for 101+ pages.

If you are a loyal customer, you’ll receive other discounts, as well.

How To Order On Bestessays

Of course, our Bestessays review will guide you through the process of ordering on the site. 

To begin, click on ‘Order’ on the menu. You’ll see a page pop up. The first part is about project details. There you need to put the topic. Then select what type of document you need. You’ll also have the option of choosing a PowerPoint presentation that costs extra.

Now select the urgency. There are different deadlines available for the different writing pieces. For example, the shortest deadline for an essay is three hours, while the shortest one for a dissertation is 48 hours. That, of course, will significantly affect the cost of the assignment.

Next, you pick the level. There are five available:

  • High School
  • College
  • Undergraduate
  • Master
  • Ph.D.

Then select the number of pages, the spacing, and the subject area. 

Next, you’ll see a field for entering instructions and a drop-down field for placing files or giving links towards sources.

Afterward, you shall be able to enter a discount code if you have one. Below that you’ll see your order’s price with the option to select between USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD.

When you’ve completed those steps, click the green ‘NEXT STEP’ button.

Now comes the additional info page. You have the option to pick between various extra services, such as:

  • Fulfilled by top 10 writers
  • VIP support
  • Proofread by editor
  • VIP Service package
  • 1-page summary
  • Plag report

Next, there is an option to pick from Standard, Premium, and Platinum Quality level, as well as the style (aka. APA or other). Select whether you need a US writer or a UK writer.

Again, click on the ‘NEXT STEP’ button.

Now you shall need to put in the contact info. After completing this step, your order will be placed. Then a writer will be assigned to it.

What Does Bestessays Guarantee

studybay advantages

According to the site, Bestessays guarantee you that the papers will be absolutely original and up to the highest standards. They also say that if you need a revision, they will do it for free. Another guarantee is that if they find your complaint of bad quality to be correct, they will fully refund your money.

Bestessays Customer Support

Our Bestessays review also wants to highlight that the service offers you all-time-online customer support that is there to answer your questions and help you with your needs. Also, you shall be able to trach your order, as well as directly communicate with the writer via the messaging system.

They have a quick chat option that is available 24/7.

Customer Reviews Of Bestessays

On Sitejabber Bestessays have a rating of 3.74 stars out of 219 reviews that show that a pretty high number of customers have been satisfied with the service. The positive highlights are that they do deliver the best essays and papers on time and have quick customer support. The negative highlights are that their customer service doesn’t issue refunds. Also, some people have complained about the quality of the papers.

Most reviewers have given 5 stars (102 people in total) but their 1-star reviews are also quite a lot (54 people in total). 9 people have given 2 stars, 6 have given 3 stars, and 47 have given 4 stars.

Some people have complained that the promised quick deadlines have not been met and they’ve made their customers extend the deadlines, eventually canceling the order altogether. There are also some complaints about the writers not having enough knowledge on the topics they’ve been assigned.

Others have mentioned that they are quite satisfied, quote ‘I won with’ unquote, and the services do live up to their name. They also note the customer service as helpful. Yes, some admit the prices as being a bit high but they had noted that they’ve been worth it.

BestEssays Writers

Bestessays have an excellent team of over 1000 writers that are knowledgeable and experienced enough to help you with your assignments. About 70% of them are from English-speaking countries. The orders are completed by certified professionals with a MA or Ph.D. degree in the desired study area. That way the writers are able to offer quality, high standards, and wonderful results.

Paying on Bestessays

Bestessays offer you the option to pay by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, or via a Wire Transfer. The data you enter shall be protected and the transactions are protected by SSL Certificate. All financial information is safe and secure.

Bestessays Samples

To check the quality of the work done by Bestessays writers you have the option to see samples of the most popular papers in the academic field. For example, there is a custom essay, Undergraduate academic level, done in APA style in the subject of Management. Sure, you won’t be able to see the whole essay, simply a one-page excerpt of it but this shall give you a brief understanding of how they work.

There aren’t excerpts of a thesis, dissertation, and many others but there are examples of a term paper, research paper, book report, coursework, and some others.

Bestessays Tips

  • Try to think of a good topic for your assignment if one isn’t already given to you.
  • If you have some sense of what do you want the paper to be like, make sure to note your comments, requirements, and suggestions in the provided field.
  • Try to provide sources and additional files if you have such.
  • And we know that we’ve already stated this before but we want to highlight it once again – make sure to run a plag check.
  • Try to give as long a deadline as possible.
  • Always read your paper prior to submitting it to familiarize yourself with the writing and to know what is actually written in there.

Bestessays Stats

  • They have 23 years of experience in the field.
  • They currently have 436 active writers.
  • They receive 320 orders per day.
  • Their satisfaction rate on the site is 94/100.
  • They offer 24/7 support.
  • There are different discounts.
  • Some features are free – such as free title page and free reference pages. Formatting is also free.


In our Bestessays review, we tried to be as helpful as possible so as to give you an understanding of what are online essay writing companies, what is Bestessays, how do they work, how to order, what to expect, and what are other customer reviews of Bestessays in order to provide you with a comprehensive guide in the worlds of this particular service. Our goal was to aid you in your academic journey. We know assignments come a little bit too much sometimes. Those are the cases in which online essay writing websites, such as Bestessays, come in handy. They give you the opportunity to save some time, finish your work on time, and familiarize yourself with the way professionals write.

Many reviews of Bestessays note that the quality of the services provided is of a high class and top standard. There are plenty of beneficial features that can come in handy in your journey in the academic field.

We also tried to give you some tips and advice, along with providing you all the necessary data to make an informed decision of whether you want to try Bestessays’ services.

The Essay I Bought From BestEssays


  • Type of paper: Argumentative essay
  • Topic: Should colleges use admission criteria other than SAT scores and grades?
  • Length: 1 page
  • Citation: APA
  • Urgency: 3 days
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BestEssays Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Grammar and Spelling 9/10
  • using SAT scores and grades when admitting new students for other admissions criteria” – using SAT scores and grades when admitting new students rather than other admissions criteria
  • SAT scores and grades are not an accurate indicator” – SAT scores and grades are not accurate indicators
Style and word choice 9/10
  • higher learning institutions” – higher education institutions
  • other admissions criteria to the usual SAT scores and grades” – other admissions criteria aside from the usual SAT scores and grades.
Punctuation 9/10
  • Last year, some undeserving students got entry into colleges, thanks to a corrupt proctor who offered to fix their scores for kickbacks.” – Last year some undeserving students got entry into colleges thanks to a corrupt proctor who offered to fix their scores for kickbacks. 
Formating 10/10
  • The paper is formatted properly according to the APA standards. 
Plagiarism 6/10
  • One of the plagiarism checkers we used detected some plagiarism. We asked the writer to revise the document, but he didn’t make any changes.
Documentation and evidence10/10
  • The writer used one reference, which he cited properly. 
Following instructions7/10
  • All the initial instructions were followed, but the author failed to correct all the mistakes we pointed out in the revision application. 
  • The paper was delivered before the deadline.
Ordering and delivery10/10
  • We didn’t encounter any problems with the ordering process. 
Communication with support10/10
  • The support was friendly and replied quite fast. 
Communication with the writer 8/10
  • We asked for a revision, and the writer replied promptly, even though he didn’t make all the changes we asked for. 
  • The payment was fast and secure. 
Ideas and content7/10
  • “institutions such as Chicago and Rochester” — it’s not clear what institutions the writer is referring to 
  • “Advocates turn this controversial matter on its head. SAT is a somewhat low-cost way for underprivileged learners to exhibit their college readiness, at least when contrasted to taking bassoon programs (Cooper, 2020).” — the reference to bassoon programs is quite odd and maybe misunderstood 
  • The writer used subheadings, so the essay was organized quite well. However, in paragraphs 1 and 3 the author came to conclusions that seem to contradict the points he raised before that, which is very confusing. 

What was good

The writer has nearly perfect English and a wide range of vocabulary. The essay is easy to follow and formatted properly. The author made just a couple of mistakes in grammar and punctuation, and none of them were significant. 

What was missing

The essay is not 100% original. When it was brought to the writer’s attention, he didn’t make any changes. The writer made some odd references and drew conclusions that don’t seem logical. 


Clearly, the writer has a good command of English. His vocabulary and punctuation skills are truly impressive. However, the content of the essay is highly questionable. When one of the plagiarism scanners we used detected some plagiarism in the essay, we asked the writer for a revision, but he didn’t make any changes. While the source he used was cited properly, some comparisons he made were quite unusual and could be misunderstood. Finally, in a paragraph where he describes the advantages of using SAT scores for admissions, he comes to a conclusion that SAT scores shouldn’t be used, and vice versa. Perhaps the writer was not paying attention and got the arguments mixed up, but that mistake makes it very difficult to understand the writer’s thought process. 


Is Bestessays secure?


Is Bestessays legit?


Is Bestessays legal?

Yes, absolutely.

Why do I need to run a plag check?

For your own peace of mind, to make sure you won’t be turning in anything that’s been plagiarized. After all, plagiarized works can greatly negatively impact your academic performance and reputation.

How to order on Bestessays?

You go on the ‘Order’ menu, fill in the necessary details, choose if you wish any of the extra services, and then pay.

Can I pick a specific writer?

Yes, if you know their writer ID.

Is there a quality check done?

No, as far as we know.

Why are there negative Bestessays reviews?

As with all other services, some people aren’t quite satisfied with the work they’ve received. Of course, we don’t exclude the possibility that there are some authors that aren’t up to the highest standards. Still, most of the reviews of Bestessays we saw say positive things about the service.

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My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

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