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EduBirdie Review


In its more idealized form, education represents the passing of the torch of knowledge. A new generation is prepared for adult life rigors and is molded into the professional role of their chosen future occupation. This is what an idealist would say.

A more practical, cynical person would not view these years as a blur of pleasant moments, socializing and learning, but a series of financial and academic challenges. Be they easy or severe; these challenges will occupy a large handful of your life.

As a student, you will quickly find that time and money are interchangeable, and you only have a limited amount of each. You will have to learn how to save your resources and pick your battles.  

In this Edubirdie review, we will analyze a service that promises to take some of the busywork off your hands and write an excellent paper that is sure to get a passing grade. This leaves you more equipped to focus on your majors and not waste time with subjects introduced as padding for your curriculum. 

Is Edubirdie legal? Is Edubirdie legit?

The short answer is yes. The market for paper writing services is relatively large, and no legislation forbids their activities. Yet, there are other questions aside from “Is Edubirdie illegal?” 

After all, a service can still be legal while also being counterproductive, inefficient, or immoral. 

My personal philosophy is to use such services to save time and effort, to keep my powder dry for other, more important subjects. 

It would damage you as a student to use Edubirdie as a crutch instead of working yourself. As any successful business owner can tell you, a professional outsources or automizes the tedious tasks in order to use his/her time more effectively.

There are also cases of personal tragedy or illness that can occur during midterms or finals. Even if you are not directly affected, being distraught or mournful can ruin your concentration for months. 

Either way, it is acceptable to admit when your plate is full, and you need relief. 

Is Edubirdie reliable when it comes to data security?

The selling and collection of data is the engine that powers the Internet. This is done in many underhanded ways, including browser cookies, spyware, and even the direct selling of data by online service providers.

If you decide to do business with Edubirdie, you will place a lot of trust in their company, given that the transaction process does involve some of your personal data. Thankfully, there are no indicators that this website traffics in the selling of data. Also, they use mainstream payment processing options. The fact that significant payment processors do business with this company attests to their legitimacy.

Still, the issue of involuntary data leaks remains, even if the site has the best intentions. Thankfully, I have found no cases of hacking or data loss. 

So, is Edubirdie legit? 

Yes, it is a legal and secure paper writing service, with no fine-print clauses attached.

Impressions from other customers

If a person has never read an essay writing service review, the process can be a little daunting. There are many of these companies to choose from, and that isn’t necessarily bad. Competition does force them to improve and innovate, but one cannot know which one has the best service.

Every website promises quality and professionalism, yet the reality of the situation can often indicate otherwise.

If you want the most accurate picture, you must often look at the best paper writing services reviews of other customers, not the paid company advertisements. So, what does the online world say regarding Edubirdie?

Overall, there are positive Edubirdie reviews, with a few minor gripes peppered among them. I explicitly looked for significant issues such as plagiarism, missed deadlines, or payment scams. Yet, try as I might, I found no such problems.

As a potential future customer, you must understand that this company different writers from various backgrounds. Results may vary depending on the person that is assigned your work. This is not just an issue with Edubirdie but is a feature of the market niche itself.

I also found some complaints regarding their site’s layout, yet I find those to be unfounded.

Who can work for Edubirdie: How to become an Edubirdie writer

As previously mentioned, the quality of your papers depends mostly on the writer. While many online paper writing sites claim to use harsh vetting processes and strict verification, their claims are hyperbolic.

Most hire online freelancers, and it shows. The quality can range from absolute brilliance to amateurish scribbles. What surprises me about Edubirdie is that their writer staff is not entirely anonymous.

The website features a section that displays each writer’s profile under a funny cartoon bird icon. This section may not seem like much, but other platforms do not even let you know who works for them. 

Even the process of becoming a writer is more transparent here. The site has a section dedicated to explaining the application process. If the info presented is to be believed, only 62% of applicants get past the first step. 

review on Edubirdie

The company will consider your background, personal information, and professional skills. Moving on, the applicants will be subjected to a written test, then an essay writing test. Finally, a document verification process will be engaged. 

is edubirdie illegal

Out of all people who apply to become Edubirdie writers, nearly 8% will work for Edubirdie. That may be bad if you are a mediocre writer, but it is an indicator of quality and high standards.

My personal experience

Reading Edubirdie reviews is an excellent first step, but the most accurate picture will be formed after using the service yourself.  My first impression was a bad one when I saw the Edubirdie price for a single piece of paper. It is higher than the industry average of 11$. Yet, given their strict writer selection and overall quality, it is justified to pay 13-14$ USD per page.

edubirdie review online

The service is a bit different, given that the website doesn’t automatically select a writer and assigns him/her your work. Instead, you will have to pay an additional $9.99 for Edubirdie to do what other platforms already do for free. This extra charge is a major downside. 

Essay writing services and freelancer platforms should have similarities, yet they should not be the same thing. It just seems lazy and unnecessary to charge extra for what is already expected. 

I appreciate that they split their writers into levels; Intermediate, Advanced and Expert, or order to better handle specific tasks. 

edubirdie prices

The website design itself is charming and a little familiar. The blue-white scheme is very prolific, yet it is popular for a reason. The cartoonish bird motif is a welcome addon.

The layout is easy to navigate, as Edubirdie has chosen a more intuitive organization of their website’s information.

Although it isn’t necessary, I checked my ordered paper for plagiarism. As expected, the Edubirdie plagiarism checker yielded no results, proving that the content was entirely original. 

It should be mentioned that you shouldn’t always expect the highest grade for each paper. Its quality depends on how accurate your instructions are. After all, nobody knows your teacher better than you.

Such services are best used during emergencies, tight deadlines, or minor subjects you can’t be bothered to write. 

Edubirdie review: conclusion

Edubirdie does what it promises to do. It delivers well-written papers and never misses its deadlines. Although I do not agree with some practices, such as Edubirdie prices, they remain one of the best options on the market. 

Their staff seems filled with polite and eager professionals, and their writers are selected to be the cream of the crop. 

Overall, this service deserves the praise that it receives.

The Essay I Bought From Edubirdie


  • Type of paper: Essay
  • Subject: Marketing
  • Topic: Marketing Management of a Transnational Corporation: Apple
  • Length: 1 page
  • Citation: APA
  • Urgency: 3 days
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Edubirdie Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Grammar and Spelling 6/10

Many sentences are too long and too complicated.

  • ” When this is successful, it creates”?
  • “When marketing policies get followed during marketing management, there is the minimization of distribution costs”
  • “there exist competition”
  • “seeks to ensure profitability a maximum satisfaction of their customer”
Style and Word Choice7/10
  • “the life base of any corporation”
  • “efficient market distribution and what have you”
  • “if there is a proper standardization pricing of the services” – pricing standardization, not standardization pricing
  • “hence, the corporation can direct and control and design”
  • The essay had an introduction, several main body paragraphs and a conclusion
  • The work was delivered in PDF form, so we couldn’t check it for plagiarism.
Documentation and evidence10/10
  • 6 sources used
Following instructions7/10
  • The client asked the author to analyze Apple as a transnational corporation, but the author wrote a more general essay about transnational corporations. 
  • The essay was delivered before the deadline.
Ordering process10/10
  • The ordering process was fast and straightforward.
Communication with support9/10
  • The support replied quite fast.
Communication with the writer10/10
  • The writer always replied promptly and was willing to take the client’s comments into consideration.
  • The payment process was fast and secure.
Ideas and content6/10
  • There were some good ideas regarding the topic in the essay. However, the writer didn’t provide any specific information about Apple.
  • The sentence flow could be better. In some cases, it was hard to connect sentences with each other.

What was good

The essay had a nice structure, it was separated into several paragraphs which made it easier to follow. The author did a good amount of research and cited 6 different sources. 

What was missing

The flow of the text could be much better. Some sentences were too long and complicated, while others had some typos and basic grammar mistakes. Besides, the writer didn’t say anything regarding Apple, the corporation that the client decided to focus on. 

Overall conclusion

In general, it was an intelligent well-researched essay. However, it could be even better if the writer paid more attention to the instructions and writing itself. There were some grammar mistakes that could easily be avoided. The writer could have done a better job of making sure the sentences are connected to each other. Finally, the author was supposed to write an essay about Apple as a transnational corporation and delivered an essay about transnational corporations in general. 

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My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

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