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Essay Assist Review


In the article herewith I will review Essay Assist services, pricing, policies, and the content it provides. 

Why use Essay Assist services?

The target customers of essay assist services are students like me. They provide essays and articles for the assignments to ensure that you excel in academics. Imagine if you have to attend your aunt’s wedding and have a big mid-term assignment to submit that week. It’s in times like these that Essay Assist comes to your rescue. I used it when I had to go on an adventure trip with my buddies, and later that week I had an assignment due for submission. I was really worried and couldn’t imagine the impact, non-submission will have on my grades. There had to be a solution, I thought! I went on google and looked up reviews for the best essay writing companies. It’s at that time when I also came across Essay Assist reviews. It had some really good reviews. After using their services I thought that there must be a lot of students like me who will be looking for an elaborate EssayAssist review. That’s when I decided to write an Essay Assist review. This Essayassist Review will be Elaborate with a complete understanding of the services, how they work, and the pricing structure, which is the most important for students. 

My First encounter with EssayAssist

As discussed earlier, I used Essayassist’s services as I didn’t have the time to complete my assignment. I went through the website and found a very interactive User experience. First things first they have the price calculator right up on their home page which is easy to calculate and placed conveniently for the users. They have honest client Essay Assist reviews on their website and is rated 4+ by many reviewing agencies on the web. This helped me gain confidence in Essay Assist at the outset. Although I was skeptical and first but after going through the Essay Assist reviews I could relieve myself. Most importantly I went through their USP’s ie. (Unique Selling propositions) which helped me gain a lot of confidence in them, which were as follows. 

  • Strict Privacy – The most important thing that I was skeptical about at first was the privacy issues. What if my teacher came to know about the services that I have used? Or someone told her. Their strict privacy laws keep their client’s information completely confidential. 
  • Completely Original Content – At Essay Assist they provide the best essay writing companies with completely original content. I personally checked the content for plagiarism, and it was completely original. Who wants to spend their money on copy & paste writing, when they can do it on their own for free? 
  • On-Time delivery – I am a testament to their delivery time. I was delivered the content right when It was supposed to be given. There were no delays. Why pay for content when you can’t submit it? There is often no point in submitting a late assignment as the teacher won’t accept it. It’s like wasting your money that could have been spent on something better. At Essay Assist, I did not face any delays whatsoever. 
  • Free corrections – Do you want anything changed in your paper? Essay Assist does it for free, No questions asked. I used this as I wanted to make some changes in the content and got a very quick response from their team. 
  • 24/7 support – Along with the abovementioned offerings, what gave a boost to my confidence was their 24/7 assistance. This comes in very handy if you want to know the status of your assignment or want to get some additions, when the project is in the writing phase. 

How EssayAssist works

  • Place an order and provide necessary instructions 

The first step is to place your order with them. While placing the order, provide them with the necessary instructions and guidelines you want them to follow. 

  • They assign a professional writer with a relevant degree to their order.

Once you have placed your order they assign a highly professional, writer to you depending upon your needs. The writer without a doubt comes with a relevant degree as per your requirements.

  • The assigned writer starts working on your paper 

Once the order is placed they start working on your paper right away. 

  • The completed paper is sent to your account. 

Upon completion, the paper is sent to your account at the earliest possible time.

EssayAssist Review Pricing

review on Essay Assist

The pricing at Essay Assist review looks something like the above chart. The pricing depends on, how fast you need the article and the complexity of the content. If you are in high school or want your content written from scratch you have to pay $10 for a 14-day deadline. To get the content in 5 to 7 days you have to pay $14, a 3-day deadline incurs $20. Subsequently, if you need the article at extremely short notice you will have to shed out $38 for a 3 hrs deadline. 

On the other hand, if you need an Undergraduate level essay, yrs 1-2, you have to pay, $12 for 14days delivery, $17 for 7 days delivery, $19 for 5days, and so on. The earliest we can go is 3 hrs and you’ll have to pay $40 for the same. Master’s and Ph.D. level articles are the most expensive. There is no 3 hrs or 8 hrs deadline for master and Ph.D. level articles as they are a lot more sophisticated and need more time. Essayassit provides $44 for a 24 hrs deadline in case of Ph.D. level articles and $32 for Masters Article provided in a 24 hrs time frame.

It’s to Note that all the prices are in USD and if you want to pay in any other currency, you have to do the necessary conversions for yourself. 

If you don’t want to go through the above chart, Essayassit’s website provides an option for calculating the price automatically. You can use the option that looks like the image below and choose out of the necessary options provided to you. Click on continue and you will see, the exact quote of what you need to pay. 

Essay Assist reviews

The service that I’ve got

I personally used the services and that is what motivated me to write an in-depth EssayAssist review. 

I came to know of essayassist from the internet. It was a search that lasted a long time. I wanted a service that was fast, accurate, and plagiarism free. There are a lot of websites claiming all three of these characteristics but only a few actually provide them. 

I wanted an article for my class assignment which was to be written from scratch. I had a time of 3-4 days before I had to submit the same. So I decided to go through the samples they have provided on the website. I went through all the articles on the website and really liked them. They were precise with a good vocabulary. I went through all the customer reviews on the website and decided that I could use their services. I even went through some of the other websites that review essays and found out Essay Assist reviews. 

The part that I liked about essayaasist is the ease of use and placing orders is their price calculator and the delivery time estimate. I can assure you that, they don’t miss their delivery dates. The professionals do a great job at personalizing the assignment and giving their unique touch to the subject. It doesn’t appear copied at all. 

After I received my article “on time”, I decided to review it and check for plagiarism if any. Any copied assignments are rejected by my teachers. The content was 100% accurate and up to the standards I expected it to be. 

I also had some changes done to the assignment, after I went through it. The main reason I am reviewing Essay Assist is the after-sales service that they gave me. I requested them to add some lines and make changes to the article and they were quick to respond. No questions were asked. They even have a money-back guarantee. It’s in case the client is dissatisfied with the writing. You can go through their refund policy on the FAQ’s page. Moreover, the writers who work with them are highly professional. This is evident by their service, and they are backed by research to handle any academic assignments. I am a personal testimony to this as the work I received exceeded my expectations. 

The Benefits of Using Essay Assist

Here I will talk about the pros that I experienced by using Essay Assist. 

Easy to use and Customer-friendly

Essay Assist is easy to use and has a customer-friendly website. The website has a great User Interface and provides a wonderful user experience. It has everything well sorted out and has a ton of honest customer EssayAssist reviews. It also provides us with samples of articles which is highly beneficial in choosing the services, if you are using it for the first time.

Timely Work

Another advantage of Essay Assist is to provide timely service and delivery of the articles. They have packages that come with deadlines. If you need to get an article urgently, you can choose from their early deadline packs. It has a different timeline as per the requirement, ie you need the work urgently within 2-3 hrs or you need it in 10-14 days. They have all the packages pre-defined. 

Essay Assist for Non-Native English speakers 

Essay assist provides services throughout the world. It’s not easy for non-native English speakers to write quality content for their class- assignments or Ph.D.’s. Here Essay Assist provides them with a way out. They need to share their requirements and the Essay Assist will provide you with professional content. That too within a specified timeframe. 

Learning and growing 

Essay Assist also helps the customer s to learn. As the customer goes through the essay they discover the flow and vocabulary that’s used in the article. Moreover, the writers at Essay Assist are professionals with large experience and high levels of research insights. Their well-versed articles help the customer to look at his own style and skills. This also helps the customer to improve their writing to the professional level if they want. 

Money-back Guarantee

In case the customer does not like the services of Essay Assist, they can get their money back. This shows the confidence that the team at Essay Assist has in themselves and the content they produce. The information on their money-back policy can also be found on their website. So you need not worry, you are 100% safe at Essay Assist. 

100% confidentiality 

The customer information on Essay Assist is 100% confidential and no one has any access to it. So you are secret safe with them. 

The Essay I Bought From Essay Assist


  • Type of paper: Essay
  • Academic level: High school
  • Subject: Other/Politics
  • Topic: Should adults be allowed to carry a concealed weapon (in the US)? This is the research question. You need to answer it with strong arguments and provide real-life examples. It doesn’t matter which side of the argument you support.
  • Length: 1 page
  • Sources: 1
  • Citation: MLA
  • Urgency: 3 days
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Essay Assist Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Grammar and Spelling 6/10
  • “According to the poll of Illinois carried out on March 10th 2014 indicated that 52% of its citizens felt not secure” – the word “indicated” is redundant
  • “by the poll of all United States” — all the United States
  • “National Bureau of Economic Research”— the National Bureau of Economic Research
  • “…and was found out that the rates of homicide…” — and it was found out 
  • “…52% of its citizens felt not secure anymore…” — did not feel secure anymore
  • “Many arguments increase the cases of confrontation which eventually turn lethal since most people gain more confidence and lose self-control” — Many arguments increase the number of confrontations that eventually turn lethal since most people gain more confidence and lose self-control
  • “cases of disagreements which have turned out into shootouts” — in this case, “that” should be used instead of “which”
  • “like sports grounds, bars and in traffic”— “in” is redundant
  • In the first paragraph, the writer describes a situation and starts with “when” and present tense first, which is followed by “would”. The author should have used “if” instead of “when” or “are/will” instead of “would”.
Style and word choice 6/10
  • “I don’t support the legislative amendment…” — the author should have specified what amendment he is talking about or used just “legislation” instead.
  • “simple arguments or disagreement” — simple arguments or disagreements 
  • “Fewer guns in the streets especially by government authority would be relatively safer.” — the sentence doesn’t make sense
  • “that permitted guns to the citizens as concealed” — that permitted concealed guns to the citizens
  • “worried after learning it was even lawful to carry publicly the concealed guns”— worried after learning it was actually lawful to carry concealed guns in public
  • “Additional source conducted”— additional research conducted
  • “high cases”— many cases, a high number of cases
  • “There would be increased cases of both intentional and unintentional injuries and even death.” — “or” could be used instead of “and” to give the sentence a better flow
  • shootouts in the public especially in those areas…”— a comma is missing before “especially”
  • s concealed.  Additional” — there’s an extra space after the dot
  • The paper doesn’t have an introduction, it just starts by “I don’t support…”, which is quite odd. There’s no conclusion either.
  • Plagiarism was not detected.
Documentation and evidence5/10
  • The title and Works cited could have been in the middle and should have been highlighted. Besides, there’s no running head.
Following instructions10/10
  • All the instructions were followed.
  • The order was delivered on time.
Ordering and delivery7/10
  • The order form is not very convenient. If you chose “Other” as your topic, you need to specify what topic it is. On the first try, we couldn’t choose the same day delivery, the shortest deadline was 24 hours. However, when we tried again later, we could choose a shorter deadline. It’s unclear which parts of the form are mandatory and which are not. If you try to edit your form, all the information gets deleted and you have to fill it out all over again. In the end, you get a price breakdown with all the extras you added.
  • When your essay is ready, you get an email from customer support with a link to your personal account. Your essay will be in the “Delivered” section and you can download it as a Word document. Customer support will also send you a message in the chat with your paper attached to it. If you wan’t to apply for a revision, you fill out a simple application form. You can only choose one reason from a dropdown menu, but you can also type a message and attach a file. Besides, you can specify the revision deadline. 
Communication with support2/10
  • At first, they spammed us with standard messages. In different chats they asked for different types of verification: phone number verification, payment verification, a picture of the card and a picture of a personal ID. This was very confusing, not to mention that their messages had some grammar mistakes. Usually, it took them about an hour to reply to our messages and still they didn’t give us any useful information.
  • Then we tried contacting them by phone. The support agents don’t speak English very well: you can hear a thick accent and it’s hard to understand what they are saying. Their answers were quite informative, but they weren’t particularly enthusiastic. They didn’t offer us any extras or the referral program, even though we asked them several times to tell us how we can place an order for a friend.
  • The chat is quite odd too. First, you need to provide your personal information and ask a question. However, the support doesn’t receive your question and starts the dialog with the standard “How may I help you?”. In the chat, they reply quite fast.
Communication with the writer8/10
  • The writer replied in 2.5 hours, which is okay for an order with a 24-hour deadline. He didn’t have an answer to our question straight away, but he told us he’d find out and get back to us later.
  • We tried to pay with a credit card. At first, it seemed like the payment was accepted and it said that my order was “in progress”. Then, however, they requested a phone number verification, payment verification and a picture of the card. All that time the order was put on hold and no one was working on it. 
Ideas and content8/10
  • “Indeed, those who carry weapons feel unsafe.”— considering the context, the sentence doesn’t make sense. The author wanted to say that knowing that people around you might carry a weapon can make you feel unsafe, not the other way around.
Ideas and content7/10
  • The text has a good structure and a good flow.

What was good

The essay was quite informative and all the instructions were followed. 

What was missing

There were quite a few mistakes in grammar. The formatting wasn’t done properly, the text lacked an introduction and a conclusion.

Overall conclusion

All in all, it is a good essay. Although there are a few mistakes in grammar, they aren’t serious and it is still quite easy to follow the writer’s train of thought. Considering it’s a high school level essay, it is quite informative— the author did some research and used his findings in the text. However, the author could have put more effort into citation and formatting.

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James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

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