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Essay Box Review


If you open the company’s website, you will notice immediately that there’s not a single negative review on Essay Box website. But frankly, that’s not very surprising. Many paper writing services have stellar reviews but still, end up scamming their clients and delivering poor quality work.

So is Essay Box reliable? Or does Essay Box scam its clients like some other service? To answer those questions and many more, we’ve decided to conduct our own unbiased review of the service. We analyzed all the reviews on Essay Box and independent review platforms, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Essay Box. 

Essay Box Review

How to Order From Essay Box?

Ordering from Essay Box is really easy. To get started, you can call the Essay Box toll-free number, fill out your paper details in the application form on the company’s main page, send a free inquiry regarding the price of your paper, or click the “Order Now” button. Clearly, Essaybox has a very user-friendly website and doesn’t want you to be confused or intimidated by the ordering process. If you choose to fill out your application online, here’s how it goes.

  1. After filling out your email, the first thing you’ll be asked to do is choose the type of service you’d like to order from Essaybox. It can be writing, rewriting, or editing. If all you’ve got is a topic and you have no idea where to start, writing from scratch will be the best option for you, even though it’s the most expensive one. If you have a draft, but you’re not sure if it’s any good, you can try rewriting. The writer will not just edit and format the document for you, but will also make sure that the content of the essay is up to par. Lastly, if your essay is ready, but you’re not confident in your grammar, spelling, or punctuation skills, go for editing. 
  1. The next step is choosing your assignment type. On Essay Box, you can order pretty much anything. There are all sorts of essays, coursework, reviews, and articles, but you can also get less common paper types done on Essay Box, including PowerPoints, CVs, resumes, or even dissertation chapters. If you still can’t find your assignment type in the drop-down menu, choose “Other”. 
  1. Then you have to choose your academic level. It doesn’t matter if you’re in high school, college, or grad school — Essaybox has got you covered. 
  1. After that, you need to specify your deadline. Your deadline can be as long as 15 days or as short as just 3 hours. However, it’s important that you are realistic. If you order a whole thesis just 3 hours before the deadline, your order will probably be rejected or delivered after the deadline. Keep in my mind that the timer is started once the company receives your payment. 
  1. Choose the number of pages and decide what writer level you would like. There are three different writer levels on Essay Box, and we’ll get more into it a bit later in this Essay Box Review. 
  1. On page two of the application form, you will be asked to specify a few more things. First, you have to choose your discipline. There are quite a few to choose from, and it doesn’t have any effect on your paper’s price. Whether it’s chemistry, finance, or English, the price stays the same.
  1. The next step is choosing your academic style — APA, MLA, Harvard, or any other. If you’re not sure which one you need, ask your teacher or check with your educational institution. 
  1. A couple more things, and you’ll be all set! Fill out your paper name and paper details. Those fields are extremely important. If you don’t provide the writer with enough information or if you’re not clear about the teacher’s requirement, it would be very hard for the writer to do a good job. Below, you can also add any documents that your writer can use to make your essay as good as possible. It can be your lecture notes, any materials that your professor has sent to you, or any sources on the topic that you have on hand. 
  1. Finally, choose the number of sources you want the writer to use and proceed to checkout. Choose as many sources as you deem necessary. This way, your paper will look more professional without being more expensive. 
  1. When you’re at the checkout, carefully look through the paper details to make sure that everything is right. If you have a discount code, you can apply it there. Keep reading this Essay Box Review to find out where you can get one. 
  1.  As for the payment procedure, it is simple, fast, and secure. You can pay by card, via PayPal, or with bitpay. 

Essay Box Prices Review

essay box review

Since there are dozens of different paper writing companies on the Internet, prices are among the most important factors that can help you decide which service you should use. Of course, students don’t usually want to pay too much for the assignment, but at the same time, if the price is too low, it can be a little suspicious. 

So what are the prices like on the Essay Box writing service? Thankfully, you don’t have to contact Essaybox support or fill out any applications to figure it out. There’s a table in the Pricing section of the website that will give you an idea of how much your paper might cost. 

Overall, the prices on Essay Box are moderate. If you’re a senior in high school, expect to pay around $18 per page ordered 72 hours before the deadline. If you’re a college senior, the price of one page will start at $24. In case you are running out of time and don’t have much time before the deadline, Essaybox might not be the best choice for you. For 1 page of college-level text with a 12-hour deadline, you’ll have to pay at least $30. If you only have 3 hours left, the price will go up to $34 minimum. 

For Master’s and Ph.D. students, the prices are significantly higher. The price per page starts at $24 for Master’s degree students and can get as high as $40-50 for urgent orders. The highest price would be for one page of Ph.D. text ordered 3 hours before the deadline — $60, but frankly, we doubt that Essay Box can find an available Ph.D. level writer in your area in such a short amount of time, let alone finish your assignment. 

Essay Box extras

If you want to get an idea of how much your Essay Box paper can cost you, you should keep in mind that the price estimates you can get from the customer support or the pricing chart are a minimum price. To make sure your paper is really high-quality, you might want to consider investing in a few upgrades. For example, in some extras that you can get at checkout. Here’s what additional services you can get on Essaybox:

  • Plagiarism report – $9.99

According to Essayhave, they check every paper with several plagiarism checkers before delivering it to the customer. Allegedly, you can get a free Turnitin plagiarism report if you ask for one too. However, in the extras section, a plagiarism report would cost you $10. 

  • Editor’s check $4.99 per page

This extra is somewhat questionable. In a way, it implies that your writer can make mistakes, and you should pay some extra money to make sure your paper doesn’t have any mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Admittedly, it’s not very expensive, but it raises suspicion regarding the quality of Essay Box writers. 

  • Copy of sources $9.99

If you’re ordering a thesis, a dissertation, or any other assignments that you’ll have to present or defend, it is important that you know everything that’s going on in your paper. So to make sure your writer uses relevant sources and to be fully aware of everything that’s going on there, consider getting this extra and check all the sources yourself.

  • 1-page summary $19.99

Unless you’re ordering a very large assignment, you probably don’t need this extra. Firstly, it’s quite expensive. Second, if you get a paper online, you should at least understand it well enough so you can write a 1-page summary of it. 

  • Priority support $9.99

According to the customer reviews on Essay Box, Essaybox customer support is pretty good. That means paying more money for special treatment is not very useful. 

Essay Box discount code

Many students will be pleased to hear that Essay Box is quite generous when it comes to discounts. There are several ways to get an Essaybox promo code. The first one is ordering your first paper from Essay Box. If the system sees that you’re a new customer, a first-order discount will be automatically applied at checkout. The second one is participating in the Reward program. Every time you place an order, you get some money back in so-called Reward Credits. Next time when you want to buy an assignment, the sum of your reward credits will be subtracted from your paper’s final price. Finally, as we said before, some Essay Box reviews claim that the service’s customer support is very friendly and can give you an additional promo code if you ask for one. 

Essay Box Writers 

In order to conduct a fair review of Essay Box, we couldn’t talk about prices without discussing the quality of the writers. After all, most of the students would rather pay a little extra to make sure that their paper will be high-quality and won’t be plagiarised. 

According to the company’s website, every writer has a university degree, speaks fluent English, and has successfully passed all the company’s tests. Unfortunately, that’s all the information you can get. However, if you want some more assurance regarding the qualifications and the rating of your writer, you have an option to do it.

essaybox writer

On Essay Box, you can choose out of 3 different writer levels. 

  • Standard writer

A standard writer is the cheapest option that everyone gets automatically for a minimum price. Many Essay Box reviews claim that the standard option is sufficient. 

  • TOP writer + $7.59 per page

Supposedly, a TOP writer is a writer with proven experience in your field. Although that’s great, you’ll have to pay quite a lot of it. Besides, it also implies that a standard writer doesn’t have to have any experience in your field, which is disappointing. 

  • ENL writer + $8.54 per page

If you live in an English-speaking county, it is quite important that you get an ENL writer who writes and speaks English as well as you do. This extra is quite expensive though, so think carefully before you get it. 

Conclusion on Essay Box Review

As we’ve mentioned before, it is really hard to find a negative review on Essay Box. Even though there’s no way to prove whether those reviews are legit or not, Essaybox truly is a great service that respects its customers and tries to help them. Many Essaybox reviews say that the company’s support is fantastic, the prices are moderate, the policies are fair, and its discounts are not hard to get. What else would students need? 

The Essay I Bought From Essay Box


  • Academic level: Undergraduate
  • Type of paper: Essay
  • Subject: Foreign languages
  • Topic: The Essence of an Auxiliary Language
  • Length: 1 page
  • Citation: APA
  • Urgency: 7 days
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Essay Box Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Grammar and Spelling 10/10
  • The author didn’t make any mistakes in grammar or spelling.
Style and word choice 9/10
  • depending on environment or necessity factors” — depending on the environment or necessity
  • improves an individual’s memory and listening” — improves an individual’s memory and listening skills
  • An auxiliary language is currently important in increasing an individual’s cultural awareness and connection with other cultures (Nufus, 2019). It is an important prerequisite for inclusive communities in the contemporary rise of institutional and community diversity.” — the word “important” is used twice in two sentences and could have been replaced with a synonym
Punctuation 10/10
  • The author didn’t make any mistakes in punctuation. 
Formating 10/10
  • The essay is formatted properly. It has a title page, a running head, and a list of references. 
Plagiarism 10/10
  • No plagiarism was detected.
Documentation and evidence10/10
  • The sources are relevant and were cited properly.
Following instructions10/10
  • The author followed all the initial instructions we provided and all the revision instructions they were given. 
  • The essay was delivered well ahead of time. Although the deadline was 7 days, the first draft was ready in less than 24 hours. The revision was done in just 2 days, so in the end, the final version was ready in just 3 days. 
Ordering and delivery10/10
  • Ordering was fast and easy, the paper was delivered without any problems.
Communication with support2/10
  • We didn’t get a chance to communicate with customer support. 
Communication with the writer 10/10
  • The writer replied promptly and delivered his work in a timely manner. 
  • The payment was fast and secure.
Ideas and content10/10
  • The essay had a good flow and made sense. It was easy to follow the writer’s train of thought, and all of his statements were supported by relevant sources. 
  • The essay was separated into several paragraphs, had an introduction and a conclusion. The introduction was great, however, the conclusion could have been better. It is not clear what the writer meant in the first sentence of the conclusion. 

What was good

The writer has perfect grammar and spelling skills. The structure of the essay is great. The text is formatted properly. The final version of the essay was ready 4 days before the deadline, which is amazing. 

What was missing

The writer could have used better wording on some occasions and could have replaced some words with their synonyms so that it doesn’t get repetitive. 


All in all, the writer did a really good job. The text doesn’t have any mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The conclusion is quite abrupt and could have been better, but the structure of the text makes sense and the introduction is great. The essay was delivered well ahead of time too. 


Is Essay Box safe?

Yes, Esssaybox is a good service, and it’s safe to use. The payment system is secure, and if anything goes wrong, the Essay Box refund program can help you get your money back.

What is Essay Box?

Essay Box is an essay writing company that can help you with your assignments.

Is Essay Box legit?

Yes, Essay Box is a legit registered company.

Is Essay Box trustworthy?

According to numerous Essay Box google reviews and customer testimonials on independent review platforms, Essaybox is a trustworthy service. It offers a wide range of services, has great customer support, and doesn’t scam its clients.


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James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

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