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Extra Essay Review


Welcome to our newest review of an essay writing service – the Extra essay review. We aim to help students find a suitable, respectable, and reliable service that allows them to get help with their various assignments.

Every once in a while, a student will simply be overwhelmed by the hardships of getting all their writings done for each and every one of the classes. And on time, as well. For such scenarios, we have prepared Extraessay reviews of paper writing companies that will help you navigate in their colorful world. They are a way to get someone to work on some of your assignments while you are preparing the others and studying for classes. It’s a legit way to operate, as long as nothing is plagiarized.

But how do you find the best service there is and how can you be sure it is reliable and will give you high quality for your money? Well, that is what we are trying to do here – to guide you through this process. Below we will describe all the details of one major writing company – Extraessay.

Extra essay review

Features That Extraessay Promices

They are promising to deliver papers that are free of plagiarism. This is one of the pillars of their service. They claim to check each assignment for plagiarism prior to sending it to the client. They have a software for detecting such that is upgraded with the latest algorithms.

Extra essay reviews

There are also Extraessay discounts for loyalty. They increase those discounts on your overall spending. For example, for more than 10 orders during the semester they can give 15% off of the other purchases.

Extraessay allow for free revision. Although they do claim to be able to get things done perfectly on the first shot, they also give you the opportunity to have you assignment reviewed by the writer with the necessary corrections done in a timely manner. This does not include new requirements, though, neither changes of the approach taken.

The service offers a money back guarantee should you be highly unsatisfied with the work done. Should there be reasonable questions about the quality, you also have the option to submit a request for a partial refund.

They also do offer a safe and secure way to process the payments. They work together with the major online wallet PayPal to ensure the safety. They do not have access to your card details when you pay via PayPal. That protects you from frauds and thefts.

Extraessay also gives their customers online support at all times, no matter the day or the hour. They do work responsively and friendly to ensure a proper satisfaction with the service.

How To Order On Extraessay

Extraessay review

First, you will see a fill-in form with the necessary details. There you have the option to select the assignment. It can be essay, dissertation, term paper, thesis, or many more. Then you need to choose the level – High School, College, Undergraduate, Master’s, or Ph.D.

Afterwards you have the option to select how soon do you want the assignment done – the shortest is three hours, the longest is 14 days. There is also a bar for the number of pages.

Below you’ll see the current price.

Currently there is a Extraessay promotion code that activates right when you click on “Get your 10% off” below the “Continue” button.

Now you will need to register or sign in. There are options to do so via Google Plus or via email.

After doing so you will be able to continue to the paper details where you can add the requirements for your assignment so that the writers can do their best to help you get maximum quality.

Extraessay Prices

Next, in our Extra essay review, let’s take a look at some samples of the current prices at Extraessay.

Extraessay reviews

For High School essay, 14 days deadline, the prices are firm at $9 a page for any type of available assignment. For three hours, though, the prices shoot up to $30 a page.

When we go to College level, the prices start from $10 a page for 14 days deadline and go to $35 a page with 3 hours deadline.

Up to Undergraduate the price a page is $11 for a 14 days deadline and rises to $39 a page for three hours deadline.

On the Master’s level the prices go from $14 a page for 14 days deadline to $49 a page for 3 hours dealine.

And, finally, at a Ph.D. level the starting price a page is $19 for a deadline of 14 days and it goes up to $59 per page if you need the assignment in three hours.

Customer Extraessay Reviews

There are many Extraessay reviews and we looked into them to gain even more insight into how the service works and whether it provides what it promises. On Sitejabber there are 112 Extraessay reviews with a total of 4.85 stars out of five. This comes to show that customers are highly satisfied with what they have received.

is Extraessay legit

Some of the customer shows that Extraessay’s writers had worked rapidly and with high quality to perform to the top notch. Plenty recommend the service, saying they received quick, meaningful, efficient, and competent experience. They also say that Extraessay uses specialists who are competent in the areas they write in.

There are only six Extraessay reviews with three or less stars. One of them points out that the writing had been poor and with grammar problems. Another customer says that the writer they have worked with had not had knowledge of the APA style or with the selected topic. The service, the customer goes on, did a bad quality job and they requested a refund but they did not get one.

On Trustpilot, the service has 60 Extraessay reviews and an Excellent mark with 4.5 stars out of five. Extraessay reviews on that site show that customers have been satisfied with the results they had received and that the service had performed all their work with quality, efficacy, and on a timely manner.


We hope that our Extraessay review has helped you figure out whether you want to use that service and whether you will be comfortable with doing so. We searched through numerous Extraessay reviews to make sure we deliver accurate information to allow for informed decision.

Yes, there are negative Extraessay reviews but they can be counted on the fingers and it is only normal for such to exist for no service can please absolutely every customer. But Extraessay paper writing service has actually succeeded in satisfying the majority of those who used their help to get through the haste of getting everything done by the end of the semester.

We tried to also give you a short guide on how to use the service to make your journey easier. As a final note, we do want to remind you that you still need to run a plagiarism check, a grammar check, and read the paper to familiarize yourself with it in order to be ready to answer any questions that may arise from your teachers or professors.

The Essay I Bought From Extraessay


  • Type of paper: Essay
  • Topic: Should students work part-time jobs?
  • Citation: APA
  • Urgency: 7 days

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Extraessay Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Grammar and Spelling 6/10

  • “work portion-time” — work part-time
  • “For circumstance” — for example
  • “with college communal” — with the college’s community
  • “if the student is grossing well” — if the student earns a lot of money
  • “due to job involvement” — due to work involvement
  • “There also exist disadvantages” — there are also disadvantages
  • “This is because too much work and less studying are in a position to lower test scores and grades” — This is because too much work and less studying can lower a student’s test scores and grades.

Style and word choice 2/10

  • “scholars who work portion-time” — students who work part-time
  • “Students who have part-time involvement like jobs” — odd wording
  • “On the other hand, several individuals in society believe that students who do not work portion time or full time are getting improved know-how from their life.” — However, others believe that students who don’t work part-time or full-time learn more in their day-to-day lives
  • “Different jobs offer changed type of exposure” — Different jobs offer a different type of exposure
  • “Besides, part-time jobs help students to develop different skills. Like supremacy, way of managing different people, managing traumatic circumstances, time conscious, among others.” — Besides, part-time jobs help students to develop different skills such as managing people, handling difficult situations and time management, among others
  • “several society members” — the wording is odd and misleading, should have been formulated as “some members of the society”
  • “Some welfares of not doing part-time jobs, like a student, will get enough time to concentrate on their stuff and get occupied in speculative undertakings.” — One of the benefits of not working part-time as a student is being able to concentrate on your own projects and interests
  • “can lead to burning out an aspect that results in stress” — can lead to stress and burnout
  • “University already engages students in stressful times, and a part-time job again adds its stress.” — For students, the university can be very stressful, and a part-time job creates even more stress
  • “All this stress together can lead to depression and lead to complications.”  — All that stress can lead to depression and complications
  • “It helps students grow various skills” — it helps students develop various skills
  • “do not affect their grades at all costs” — do not affect their grades in any way
  • “Students who work take the best of this life” — Students who work get the most out of life

Punctuation 5/10

  • Since many sentences were difficult to understand, it’s hard to say whether the punctuation was good or not.

Formating 9/10

  • The paper was formatted properly except for the page numbers — the writer should have put them in the upper-right corner of the page. 

Plagiarism 10/10

  • Plagiarism was not detected. 

Documentation and evidence10/10

  • The sources were relevant and the author cited them properly. 

Following instructions10/10

  • The writer followed all the instructions.


  • The paper was delivered before the deadline. 

Ordering and delivery10/10

  • The ordering process was fast and easy.

Communication with support10/10

  • The support was great. They were friendly, replied very fast, and offered us a discount when we asked for one. The customer support agents answered to all the questions we had and told us that their company is based in Poland, while their writers are allegedly from the US, the UK, and Canada. 

Communication with the writer 1/10

  • We didn’t get a chance to communicate with the writer. 


  • The payment was fast and secure.

Ideas and content4/10

  • “scholars who work portion-time are far better of when it comes to information” — it’s not quite clear what information the writer is referring to 
  • “When a student blows their part-time jobs” — it’s not clear what the writer means
  • “A logic that plays a significant role in helping students in the scope of success in various responsibilities” — the sentence is not finished
  • “It is open that students who have part-time jobs can get in place expenses by themselves and dedicate the rest of their notch to their interests without taking affirmation from anyone.” — the sentence does not make sense
  • “if the student is grossing well and does not get approval from anyone, parents never acknowledge the student’s undertakings” — it’s not clear what the writer intended to say
  • “students must not get involved in part-time jobs as it may be a central reason for cooperating their learning” — the sentence doesn’t make sense


  • The paper was separated into several paragraphs, which made it very easy to follow. The essay also had an introduction and a conclusion.

What was good

The company’s customer support is great. The paper is formatted properly, and the writer followed all the instructions they were given.

What was missing

The writer’s English is terrible. The essay was very hard to understand, and the author failed to get their point across.


Despite the fact that the ordering process was very easy and the customer support was very helpful, the essay itself is a disaster. The writer is clearly not a native English speaker. There isn’t one sentence in the entire essay that wouldn’t have a mistake. It is evident that the writer tried to use more advanced vocabulary, which didn’t end well at all. If a student submitted that paper, they would probably fail the class.


Is Extraessay legit?


Is Extraessay scam?

Not according to the customer Extraessay reviews.

How does one place an Extraessay order?

Simply by filling a form with all the necessary details on the required assignment and paying through a secure payment system.

Are there any guarantees at Extraessay?

There is a no-plagiarism guarantee, as well as a money-back one.

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James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

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