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Grab my essay review


For various reasons, a student’s schedule can get very hectic, especially if his/her financial situation is not great. Keeping up with the requirements of academia, in addition to holding down a part-time job, will drain most of your time. Writing essays as an under-slept and overworked student is not fun.

Regardless of the reason why you need help, the odds are that you will need it. This Grab my essay review looks at a service that promises to write essays and other academic papers for you. It is a small part of a vast industry of paper writing companies, which is continuously growing. 

The interest in a writing site is evident, yet is Grabmyessay the correct choice? 

After all, there are hundreds of options available. Why should you pick these guys?  Are they worth your time?

While researching this Grabmyessay review, I decided to read as many other Grabmyessay reviews as possible. I don’t like to rely on a company’s marketing to form my opinion. There are many bad products with excellent commercials and marketing.

The best way to get an accurate opinion is to see what previous customers experienced.

What other people say. Reading online Grab my essay reviews

In my experience, the demographic interested in essay services write some of the most honest and accurate reviews. This can be expected when almost every interested person is in academia or interested in academic subjects. 

The bluntness and honestly of most Grab my essay reviews result in an overall lukewarm impression. Be wary of any Grabmyessay review that is overly positive or overly negative. 

Many companies will hire reviewers to either praise or bash a product, depending on the interest represented. It is in the nuanced impressions that you will find the truth. This section describes the opinions of others and what I’ve gathered before actually using the service:

Grabmyessays is not viewed as being part of the top-tier writing sites. While they offer all the standard features, you would come to expect from such a company; it still leaves behind dozens of unhappy customers. 

First, I have found countless complaints about their parent company NetFix LLC. Their websites and services have caused students to fail classes and drag out the Grabmyessay refund process to scam clients. 

As a side note, my own Grab my essay review isn’t nearly as unfavorable. Maybe a broken clock was right twice a day when I ordered my papers, or perhaps the negative Grabmyessay reviews are exaggerations. 

With a sample size of a single essay, I really can’t tell. 

Those with more positive impressions had a similar experience. They ordered, received a so-so paper that was enough for a passing grade.

As mentioned, other clients complain about their refund policy. You will be eligible for such a refund if you are not happy with the paper or they missed the deadline. 

In my opinion, this is the capital sin of paper review sites. A student trusts the service and waits for a product, only for an unmotivated freelance writer to miss the deadline. This failure can cause you to fail your class. 

A Money-back guarantee is a minimal and insignificant consolation in this regard. While I did not find many cases of missing deadlines, Grabmyessay does seem to prolong and drag out the refund process. 

I have not found any on-time delivery guarantee in their terms of service, which sinks this service’s value.

Overall, the Grabmyessay scam accusations are exaggerated, even though the service is far from ideal.

Grab my essay Reviews staff and customer support

The writers

To understand the poor quality of some commissioned essays, one must first understand the industry’s nature. The online essay sites brag about only using the best writers, each with specialized degrees and countless years of experience. 

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The company hires freelancers, a fact which explains the inconsistent quality. 

It is the luck of the draw. Some people get a brilliant and dedicated professional writer, while others are unlucky enough to get the very worst procrastinator. 

In multiple Grabmyessay reviews, I read about how the writer “barely spoke English” and tried to stick together Googled facts.

The writer I received was pleasant, polite, and knowledgeable. That is the point: inconsistency.

You never really know what you’re getting when dealing with freelancers. 

It isn’t fair to lay the blame solely at Grabmyessay’s feet. All similar websites have the same problem, despite their claims otherwise.  It is something that many customers will have to come to accept. 

The support staff

This occasion does not represent my first time researching essay writing service reviews. In almost all past experiences, one of the most pleasant parts was dealing with customer support representatives. Ordering papers isn’t like adding a product to your cart and finalizing the process. 

More communication is required, in addition to eventual rewrites or complaints. As stated, most writing sites have excellent and responsive support systems. 

Grabmyessay’s support seems like an afterthought, something they tacked on because they had to do so. 

They were very slow to answer my emails, and the response was lackluster. Overall, their support system is mediocre due to a seemingly unmotivated staff. 

The inconsistent nature of essay sites can be noticed in this case as well. I had a bad experience, yet I found very few cases of other people complaining about support reps. 

The quality is too random. This hassle should provide you with enough motivation to start writing your own essays, just to get away from these tiresome issues. 

Review of Grabmyessay website

I have virtually no complaints when it comes to the Grabmyessay website. It is well-designed, information-dense, and intuitive. It gets extra marks for not having the same blue-white color scheme that modern sites have done to death. 

Instead, they chose a white/green scheme, with yellowish-orange highlights. At this point, any palette is excellent, as long as it’s not another blue and white site.

As soon as you visit the page, you will be greeted by an automated chat function. Yet, this will not put you into contact with an actual support representative. It is another bot, basically a glorified interactive FAQ service. 

Still, for what it is, the chatbot does its job well. Grabmyessay could have pinched a few pennies and not included it.

grabmyessay review

I could not verify the claims posted on their site. For example, the statement of “Satisfaction rate over 97%” seems improbable for any writing company. These sites receive constant complaints, even if they are doing a great job. It’s just the nature of the industry. 

Another dubious claim is the “ Only MA/MS and Ph.D. essay writers,” given the complaints that some of their writers barely speak English. I think that in this case, the truth is somewhere in the middle. 

Undoubtedly, the negative reviews are exaggerating. They wouldn’t get hired as writers if they barely spoke English. On the other hand, PhD-level writers would rarely produce mediocre papers. 

The web page also advertises its refund policy and the limitless revision option. The unlimited revision option raises its overall score, considering that most essay writing companies offer only a limited amount of revisions. While I did not ask for a correction myself, I saw no complaints regarding this feature. 

The daily activity tab is a welcomed addition, showing you the numbers of customers and transactions.

grabmyessay review online

Frontpage review

As a minor gripe, there are downsides to having an information-dense front page. It does seem a little cluttered and tightly packed. While there isn’t something inherently wrong about posting a lot of info, it just represents lousy marketing. 

The Internet has severely eroded people’s attention spans. Due to the overwhelming amount of options, most customers just skim their eyes over a subject for a few seconds. 

Good service keeps its first impression short, brief and catchy, using easily accessible hyperlinks to inform interested clients. 

A positive addition is represented by the front-page price calculator, which allows users to estimate how much the paper will cost. Prices are calculated based on several criteria, including the Academic level, the deadline, the type of service, and the paper type. 

By going through these options and selecting what you need, you can get an accurate idea of what price to expect. 

Extras page review

Grabmyessay paper writing is similar to other sites in its market niche, as it offers to sell you services that should be free in the first place. While visiting their site, I came upon their “Extras” page.

As the name suggests, you can pay more for additional perks. 

First, you can select the writer level:

  • Best available – this is the default setting, where they assign a writer based on convenience. 
  • Premium – “High-rank professionals” with experience in the customer’s specific field of study. It is doubtful that such a person is always available, given the vast range of possible topics. Most likely, they will give you a more experienced freelancer, not an expert in your field. This option will increase the cost by +25%.
  • TOP 10 – Grabmyessay will assign one of their highest rated writers to do the work. I assume that previous clients gave the ratings. This option will increase the overall cost by 40%.

This extra charging is one of my pet peeves. I should not have to pay extra to get a competent writer assigned to my paper.

In fact, I shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between papers. It is the company’s job to provide a top-tier product for the money they charge. They shouldn’t charge extra for “better” content.

grab my essay extras

Other extra features follow the same pattern. Proofreading costs $5.99, and an originality report costs $29.99. These should not be extras but mandatory parts of the basic package. It is every writer’s job to proofread his work and check it for plagiarism.

grabmyessay writers

It should be assumed that if I pay for their product, it should be grammatically correct and free of plagiarism. Even the customer support service is locked behind a paywall, as users can pay to get higher-priority responses.

 I do not want this point to come off as a criticism applied exclusively to Grabmyessay. Almost all paper writing companies have this practice of cutting a regular service into chunks and selling it to you piece by piece.

Grab my essay Prices and discounts

I am generally happy with the site’s prices. Also, I haven’t found much online complaining about their rates while reading other Grab my essay reviews. 

The cheapest page you can order is $14.99, with the price increasing proportionately to the number of pages, the required deadline, and the academic level. 

This isn’t the cheapest online paper writing company. Others offer their services for $11.99 per page. Still, most of the “cheaper” mitigate their costs by hiding them in other services. 

Options like the paper being checked for plagiarism and proofread should not be paid extras.

Grabmyessay is not the only culprit, as there are many companies guilty of this practice. 

In terms of discounts, Grabmyessay has implemented a system that rewards the loyalty of its clients. The reward system is achieved via a progressive discount that grows larger as you purchase more papers. The deal lasts forever, so as soon as you unlock a specific discount tier, it will permanently apply to any order. 

The offer has the following stages:

  • 15 pages ordered – the customer is given a flat 5% discount
  • 50 pages ordered – the customer is given a flat 10% discount
  • 100 pages ordered – the customer is given a flat 15% discount

In addition to the progressive discount based on orders, first-time customers are also treated to a generous offer. By using the Grabmyessay discount code “GME150FF”, any client will benefit from 15% off their first order. 

In terms of the service’s prices, I have no complaints. In this regard, Grabmyessay is a typical essay site with mediocre prices that even a student can afford.


Overall, Grabmyessay is a regular paper writing service, with several flaws that affect its potential. The inconsistent quality of the writing should be noted, in addition to hiding their best writers and customer support reps behind a paywall.

It is disheartening to realize that this practice has become an industry staple. 

The website is well-designed, albeit a little cluttered, and it is good that a refund policy and rewrites were included in their package. 

The Essay I Bought From Grabmyessay


  • Academic level: High school
  • Type of paper: Argumentative Essay
  • Topic: Standardized tests
  • Length: 1 page
  • Citation: APA
  • Sources: 3
  • Urgency: 14 days
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Grabmyessay Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Grammar and Spelling 6/10
  • on the limelight” —  in the limelight
  • “the debate for how good or bad they are” — the debate about how good or bad they are
  • “call the standardized tests as meaningless” —  call the standardized tests meaningless
  • “the then president” — the then-president
  • “who indicated the tests needed to be substantially rewritten and even pointing” —  who indicated the tests needed to be substantially rewritten and even pointed
  • “advantages to students” — advantages for students
Style and word choice 6/10
  • the American College Test (CAT)” — the test is usually referred to as ACT
  • Strauss (2013), in her article” — In her article, Strauss (2013) 
  • “More importantly, the ability to remember is only half the story as students need to develop critical thinking skills, enhance their creativity and even become persistent. Elements which the standardized tests do not major on.” — the second sentence is incomplete 
Punctuation 8/10
  • “positing that, standardized tests have” — positing that standardized tests have
  • “such inferences are generalized against large knowledge domains and this is a great danger” —such inferences are generalized against large knowledge domains, and this is a great danger
  • “develop critical thinking skills, enhance their creativity and even become persistent” — develop critical thinking skills, enhance their creativity, and even become persistent
Formating 10/10
  • The formatting is done according to the APA standards. The text has a title page, a running head, and a properly formatted list of references. 
Plagiarism 10/10
  • The text appears to be 100% original
Documentation and evidence10/10
  • All the sources used were relevant and were cited properly.
Following instructions10/10
  • All the instructions were followed, but only on the second try. 
  • The first draft of the essay was delivered in less than 48. However, the text was horrible, so we had to ask for a rewrite. The second version of the essay was delivered before the 14-day deadline.
Ordering and delivery10/10
  • The ordering process was fast and easy.
Communication with support2/10
  • We only got a chance to communicate with the writer
Communication with the writer 9/10
  • Since the first version of the text was terrible, we asked for a revision. Our comments were taken into consideration, and the second essay we received was much better.
  • The payment was fast and secure.
Ideas and content9/10
  • The essay was separated into paragraphs and had an introduction. The conclusion,  however, could have been better. 

What was good:

The author has a good command of English. They present different opinions on the topic and supported them by relevant sources. The paper was formatted properly and was delivered on time. 

What was missing:

The writer tried to use more advanced vocabulary, which resulted in many mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


All in all, the essay presented is quite good high-school-level text. However, the essay above is the second essay that was delivered to us. At first, we received a horrible essay that wasn’t formatted at all, didn’t cite enough resources, had dozens of mistakes and typos, and simply didn’t make sense. After we asked for a revision, we got the second version of the text, which was probably written by another writer. Although the new version is much better, it’s still far from perfect. The author tried using complex vocabulary and grammar structure, and that led to many unnecessary mistakes. Content-wise, the essay is quite good.


Is Grabmyessay legit?

In terms of legality, the service is beyond reproach. I also did not find any reports of scamming or other illicit practices.

How reliable is Grabmyessay?

After only ordering a single paper, I cannot say for sure. My experience was ordinary. However, they do tend to receive many complaints by formed customers accusing them of being unreliable.

Is Grabmyessay good?

It depends on how much money you are willing to pay. If you want to guarantee service quality, you will have to pay extra. Their standard service is hit-or-miss, producing both great works and disappointing papers.

Is Grabmyessay cheating?

This question depends on the user. Are you using it because you are unmotivated to do the work? Or are you in a time-pinch and can’t manage to write your paper on time? The morality of paper sites mostly depends on the intent and engagement of the customer.

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James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

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