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Grademiners Review


If you’ve ever looked for an essay writing company to help you with your assignments by reading essay writing reviews, you might have come across Grademiners. At first glance, it might seem like a perfect option. You wouldn’t find a single negative review on the Grademiners website, the prices are surprisingly low and the company offers all kinds of guarantees.

So is Grademiners legit and are those stellar Grademiners reviews actually true? We decided to conduct our own unbiased Grademiners review to answer all the questions you might have about the company. 

is grademiners legit

What Is Grademiners?

Grademiners is an academic writing service that can help you deal with your assignments without much stress. It doesn’t really matter what kind of assignment it is — it seems like Grademiners can do it all. You can order any kind of a writing task from Grademiners such as an essay, a research paper, a dissertation chapter, or a case study. But you can also reach out to them for other assignments such as math problems, statistics projects, and lab reports. Finally, you can also use Grademiners services for non-academic writing tasks such as admission essays, personal statements, cover letters, and resumes. That makes Grademiners a go-to service that you can approach with any kind of school-related problem.

How Does Grademiners Work?

Ordering papers from Grademiners is quite easy. To make this Grademiners review as useful as possible, we’ll walk you through the ordering process.

  1. Click on the “Order” button in the top right corner of the screen. You will be redirected to a simple order form.
  1. Start by filling out the first page of the form. That one is really easy — you just need to choose your assignment type, subject, academic level, number of pages, and urgency. Luckily, Grademiners lets you choose from a variety of deadlines. For smaller and simpler assignments, the minimum deadline is just one hour. Don’t expect to get an entire dissertation in a couple of hours though!
  1. Another important decision you have to make in the beginning is choosing your writer level. The basic option, which is called “Best Available” will ensure you the lowest price. The website says it would still be “an expert in your field of study”, but it’s not clear what exactly does it mean. The “middle” option called “TOP writer” will give your assignment to the top-30 writer in your discipline according to customer reviews. Here it would be important to consider how many writers there are on Grademiners. While they might have 50 experts in English or Business, it’s hard to believe that they have that many writers in rare fields such as agriculture or astronomy. That option will make your essay about 30% more expensive, which isn’t that much, so it might be a good option for an important assignment. However, if you really need a good grade and you’re ready to pay more for it, you can choose the “Premium Writer” option. That will mean that your paper will be written by one of the 10 highest-rated writers in your discipline. Unfortunately, Grademiner doesn’t show the writers’ profiles and their ratings, so there’s no way to prove that your writer is truly cream of the crop. But once again, if the assignment is very important, it can definitely give you some peace of mind. 
  1. The second page of the order application is your chance to give the writer as many instructions as possible. There you can name your topic and describe your assignment. Remember that the writer doesn’t know anything about your school or your teacher, so make sure to provide them with as much detail as you can. According to Grademiners, you can add or edit this field later on, which is great. You can (and should!) also include any files that might be helpful such as your notes, the teacher’s presentations, or any compulsory sources. Here you also get to specify the number of sources you want your writer to use. Choose as many as you want — it doesn’t change the price, but it will make your assignment more complex. 
  2. The third page of the application form is the last one. Here you can choose if you’d like to add any extras to your order. There are seven different extras you can get for an additional price on Grademiners, so keep reading to find out what we think about them. 
  3. After you click on the extras you want to get, you’re all set! Time for checkout. There are two checkout options on Grademiners, but both of them let you pay with a card only. Unfortunately, you can’t pay by PayPal, but the checkout seems secure and doesn’t ask you for any unnecessary information. 
  4. When your payment goes through, your assignment will find its way to the writer. You can communicate with the writer directly through anonymous chat, so if there’s anything you want your writer to know, you can get in touch with them in no time. 

Grademiners Prices Review

Although the Grademiners website looks great and has a ton of information, you’d be surprised to find out that there’s no Prices page where you can get an idea of the company’s pricing policy. However, there is a price calculator on the main page, so if you put in the basic information about your assignment, you’ll get the approximate price in just a few clicks. Besides, you can always reach out to Grademiners customer service to find out how much your assignment might cost. 

For a college-level paper, the prices start at $16 if you place your order 20 days in advance. For a more realistic deadline such as 7 or 5 days, the price per page would be $18 and 19$ respectively. This way, if you order your paper one week in advance you’ll have to pay just $2 more than if you order it three weeks in advance. That makes Grademiners a great service for people who aren’t good at deadlines and always end up dealing with their assignments right before the deadline. As we’ve mentioned before, some kinds of assignments can also be ordered from Grademiners as little as just 2 or 1 hour in advance. Admittedly, with such deadlines, there’s a high chance that your paper will be written by whoever is available at the moment, no matter what is their rating or field of expertise. But if you do find yourself in a situation when you need something to be done that fast, the prices might pleasantly surprise you. For a college-level, you can get a one-page essay in one hour for $44, which is a great deal. 

Grademiners Extras

There are several factors that affect your paper’s final price on Grademiners: your deadline, the number of pages, your academic level, your writer level, and extra services you get. Many essay writing companies offer some extras for an additional price, and Grademiners is not an exception. So let’s take a look at all the Grademiners’ extras.

grademiners promo code
  • Second paper +50%

An interesting extra that lets you order your assignment from two different writers at the same time. Grademiners says you can keep one to yourself or share it with a friend. It’s not clear why would anyone want to spend their money by ordering two versions of the same assignment, but sharing with a friend can be a great way to save up some money.

  • Plagiarism report $14.99

According to the company’s main page, before being sent to the customer, the paper is reviewed by an editor and is checked for plagiarism with a plagiarism scanner. If it is true, then it’s quite ridiculous to charge $15 for one screenshot. On the other hand, if a plagiarism report costs that much, it might mean that other papers don’t really get plagiarism checks and this extra is the only way to make sure your paper is original. 

  • Full text of sources +15%

If you’re ordering an important assignment such as a thesis or a dissertation, you might have to defend your paper, which means you should know your topic very well and be able to answer some questions about it. For a reasonable price, this extra gives you a chance to make sure you are well-aware of everything that’s written in your assignment. 

  • High priority status $9.99

Allegedly, a high priority status ensures that your paper “will be boosted to get the writer faster”. The wording is quite odd, so it’s not clear what this extra can help you with.

  • Quality check +30%

Choose this extra if you want a professional editor to edit your paper before it’s delivered to you. It is quite expensive and besides, isn’t every Grademiners writer supposed to have flawless grammar?

  • Initial draft +20%

With this extra, you can receive “30% of your paper halfway to your deadline”. Admittedly, for papers like a thesis or a dissertation, it makes sense. This way, you can check if the writer is on the right track and make some changes to the paper before it’s ready. 

  • 1-page summary $24.99

Summaries are also usually ordered for big assignments, but usually, they are also overpriced. If your English is good enough to do that, it might be a better idea to read the paper and write the summary by yourself.

Grademiners Promo Code & Discounts

As we’ve mentioned before, Grademiners has very reasonable prices. If your budget is really low, you can also try saving up some cash by using a Grademiners coupon. If it’s your first time ordering a paper from Grademiners, a 15% discount will be automatically included in your paper’s final price. When we were looking through the website, we also got a pop-up 15% discount, so you might get lucky too. 

Grademiners review

Besides, you can also work with Grademiners and become their partner through the referral program. If you think you can attract many people to the website, you can get a personal referral code that will earn you some money each time someone uses it. The program’s reviews on Grademiners show that some people earned more than $10 000 with the referral program, although it’s hard to believe it. Still, it can be a nice bonus for you and your friends.


In this review for Grademiners, we discussed all the most important aspects of an essay writing company: the ordering process, the prices, and the discounts. After all the research, we’re inclined to say that all those positive Grademiners reviews you might see on their website might be true after all. The company offers very affordable prices, has many guarantees that will protect you in case something goes wrong and their customer support can always come to rescue if something’s unclear. Grademiners is great for papers with short deadlines too — you can get your paper done within a couple of hours without paying too much money. 

The Essay I Bought From Grademiners


  • Academic level: Undergraduate
  • Type of paper: Essay
  • Subject: Literature & Philology
  • Topic: Pygmalion. Describe different printed versions of the play. Which one is used in the most famous adaptation?
  • Length: 1 page
  • Citation: MLA
  • Sources: 5
  • Urgency: 20 days
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Grademiners Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Grammar and Spelling 6/10
  • Different versions of the play include version of project Gutenberg, Anthony Asquith in 1938…”— “the” is missing before “version”
  • “The play has a sharp lampoon of a rigid class system of the day.”—the play is, not has a lampoon
  • “Although it has several similarities which are shown through the musical version and the play…”— “that’ should be used instead of “which”
  • “teenager outlook of Pygmalion”— teenager outlook on Pygmalion
Style and word choice6/10
  • From the plays of George Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion is the most beloved play and significant in terms of literature.”— From the plays of George Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion is the most beloved and significant one in terms of literature. 
  • The storyline of George Bernard Shaw has the assumption of a veneer gentility with an impeccable speech”— that’s an odd description of a storyline
  • My Fair Lady, a musical film is the original version of Pygmalion, and the most loved literature based on Shaw’s fans.”— the sentence doesn’t make any sense
  • The fans of George Bernard Shaw compare the film with the original versions with several ideas and concepts portrayed.” — the word “with” is used twice, although it is unnecessary
  • The word “play” is used too often.
  • “…examines My Fair Lady version which is the most famous adaptation.”— a comma is missing before “which”
  • The formatting is done well.
  • No plagiarism was detected, but some sources were not cited properly, so it’s unclear where the information came from. 
Documentation and evidence6/10
  • Turner, M. J., and P. J. Maguire. “Vaginal Breech Delivery at Term: The Doctors’ Dilemma.” Irish Medical Journal, 2015. — this citation is totally irrelevant; it is a medical journal and has nothing to do with Pygmalion.
  • Other than that, the citation was done properly. 
Following instructions7/10
  • The author was asked to address different printed version of the play and mention which one was used in the most famous adaption. Instead, the author discussed which adaption can be considered the most famous but barely touched on the subject of differences between printed versions of the play.
  • The essay was delivered before the deadline.
Ordering and delivery10/10
  • Ordering was fast and easy, the paper was delivered without any problems.
Communication with support10/10
  • The support was great and clearly tried to make our experience with the company as good as possible.
Communication with the writer7/10
  • The communication was done through customer support.
  • The payment was fast and secure.
Ideas and content5/10
  • Different versions of the play include version of project Gutenberg, Anthony Asquith in 1938…”— Asquith’s adaptation of Pygmalion has no connection to project Gutenberg, so it’s not clear why the author mentions it.
  • Sometimes, it was quite difficult to make the connections between the sentences.

What was good

The author used several different sources, the formatting and the citation was done properly. 

What was missing

The text definitely lacks coherence. The author made quite many mistakes in grammar and the wording was quite odd. The mistakes weren’t big, but there were to many of them, which made the essay very hard to follow. The last paragraph in particular barely makes any sense.

Overall conclusion

It is clear that the author did some research and tried to include his findings in the essay, but his weak grammar skills made the essay very hard to understand. Moreover, it seems like the writer didn’t understand the task: he was supposed to compare different versions of the play itself, not the film adaptations. Although the citation and formatting were done well, the author cited a completely irrelevant source— a medical journal, which makes no sense. 


Is Grademiners legit company?

Yes, Grademiners is a legit company, so you don’t have to worry about your money or personal information.

Is Grademiners trustworthy?

After conducting a thorough Grademiners review and looking through many Grademiners reviews from students who have worked with the company, we can assure you that yes, Grademiner is a trustworthy company.

How can I get a Grademiners promo code?

In this Grademiners review, we mentioned every way you can get a promo code for your order. Grademiners offers a first-order discount and some other limited-time offer discounts. You can also get a lower price if you join the referral program.

Is using Grademiners cheating?

Using essay writing services like Grademiners doesn’t have to be considered cheating. If you order a paper for research purposes only, there’s nothing wrong with using Grademiners. But if you submit the paper you bought for academic credit and your school finds out you haven’t written it, you might get in trouble.

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James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

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