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MyAdmissionsEssay Review


Academia definitely has its highs and lows. Regardless of your chosen field, these will be some of the best and most stressful years of your life. Humans tend toward procrastination. We postpone our obligations and chores up until the very last moment.  Others, simply do not have the time to commit every waking moment to study and writing due to financial or familial obligations. Regardless of the reason, there will come a time when you simply cannot turn in a paper on time. Thankfully, the internet offers a solution to this problem: essay writing services.  This Myadmissionsessay review will analyze this service’s perks and drawbacks to establish if it is worth your time and money. Myadmissionsessay is not the only service that operates in this particular market niche. You will find dozens of companies, each promising to write the best papers for the lowest prices.  While marketing can have informational value, you shouldn’t rely on it to form your opinion.

What is Myadmissionsessay?

Myadmissionsessay is an online service that promises to write CV, resume, admission papers. Unlike most other paper writing services, they seem to specialize in the admissions process for college or the general workforce. While this specialization is their primary focus, Myadmissionsessay still sells standard research papers and essays.  Some customers use them as regular academic advisors. The company is a subsidiary of Seach Novations Inc., which owns multiple academic writing sites. EssayTigers and PaperHelp use a similar writer database, and the level of quality is consistent among these three. The firm’s location seems to be somewhere in Cyprus, yet this fact is not readily available. For more information regarding the parent firm, you will have to do some extracurricular research.

Myadmissionsessay rating. Online Myadmissionsessay reviews

Anonymity can often change the way people communicate. Usually, opinions or reviews expressed online tend to be more extreme. Minor inconveniences become “ the worst thing ever,” while qualities are hyperbolically described as “the best” or “epic.” There rarely is a middle ground online.  Thankfully, it seems that essay writing service reviews are the exception to that rule. Most are quite balanced and varied, presenting both flaws and perks.  One point that is held in common by all Myadmissionsessay reviews, is that the customer support service is top-notch. Both the customer support representatives and the writers themselves seem well-trained and polite, eager to resolve any client’s issues.  At the time of writing this Myadmissionsessay review, the service had a score of 4.0 on Trustpilot, and there is no indication that it will go down drastically soon.  While reading multiple Myadmissionsessay reviews, I often came across the same criticism: they offer no refunds. While I did not ask for a refund myself, as I was satisfied with the paper I ordered, this accusation seems to hold water.  In my opinion, if it can be demonstrated that a paper was sub-standard, the customer is entitled to a refund. Still, it is possible to send the work for a revision, during which any eventual flaws will be corrected. In terms of quality, no writing service can offer real consistent quality because they employ multiple writers. In essence, it’s the luck of the draw. As a customer, you could be lucky enough to get an excellent writer or a bad one. It should be mentioned that the vetting process can weed out the weaker candidates, maintaining a decent skill cap.  When it comes to deadlines, no Myadmissionessay reviews mention writers that failed to deliver their work. 

Why should I use Myadmissionsessay?

Why should you bother reading this Myadmissionsessay review when many other services promise to offer the same product? Do they stand out among their competitors? The answer is both yes and no. The company shines when it comes to the admissions process, staying true to its name. If there is an important job that you want to get, they will help you. The same argument applies to college admissions, cover letters, CVs, and so on. For many people, especially for students without experience, the expertise of Myadmissionsessay is invaluable.  The job market can be brutal, especially for high-skill, high-paying positions. It would be wise to utilize every single advantage that you can get.  Of course, their specialization does not mean that the rest of their work is sub-standard. It is possible to order reports, thesis proposals, movie and literature reviews, presentations, personal statements, case studies, and dissertations.  In terms of quality, the main page promises Ivy-league-level writing. While the statement is flat-out hyperbolic, the work is decent, and you can rely on it.

Is the service safe?

The internet is a multi-trillion dollar highway, and most of that value doesn’t come from physical products. It comes from information. Your data as a consumer is valuable. Some people would pay top dollar just to know what you like to buy and how they should sell it to you. While legislation has curved the rata of data harvesting, it still goes on in many cases.  Many sites blast you with lengthy cookie disclaimers, realizing that the average person won’t have the patience or time to dedicate to reading it.  Sadly, this site is no exception. There is no reason for such a service to track your preferences, yet it stores its cookies on your computer. However, it would not be fair to deduct points from its final score because cookies have become a universal practice. Some security leaks are not intentional, as hackers can target specific sites to gather data. There will always be this risk online, so you shouldn’t worry about Myadmissionsessay specifically. Besides, essay writing service pages represent a very low-priority target for most hackers.  Overall, this service is safe and strictly confidential, and you can place your trust at their discretion. The company boasts over 141 000 fulfilled orderers, 21 000 referred clients, and over 31 000 returned clients. While their general score on Trustpilot is 4.0, the site’s score tally is 4.9/5. 

Prices and discounts

When it comes to online paper writing services, the prices can vary. Yet, there is an industry-standard rate of 11$ per page at the lowest level of work. Thankfully, Myadmissionsessay keeps to that standard and does not overcharge. Other companies charge more for less quality and consistent work.  The range of services is diverse, each with its price rate. You can select a written paper from scratch, multiple-choice questions, proofreading and editing, admission help, and problem-solving.  As mentioned, a single high-school paper with a 20-day deadline will cost only 11$. The price goes up based on the paper’s academic level and the urgency that its delivery requires. As far as I know, the highest rate is charged for a PhD-level page with a three-hour deadline. This service will cost $53. They also offer PowerPoint slides for half the rate of a regular page. 

Loyalty system and discounts

While researching writing this review, I came across Myadmissionsessay feedback that praised their loyalty system. It is not just an afterthought added for the sake of it being there.  This company seems committed to rewarding returning customers, an advantageous business practice for both the firm and the client.  Customers are rewarded for each page they order via a bonus system. These bonuses can then be used to pay for the next order: after your first order, you will be eligible for a 10% credit. This 10% represents a tenth of the total price paid. You can then use that 10% and apply it further to the next task as a discount. For more information regarding discounts, be sure to visit the “Discounts” area of your account.   As a side-note, I usually dislike being forced to register an account to buy a service or product. I should have the option to provide up-front info and not have it stored on their server. Still, Myadmissionsessay’s approach is more justified, given that your account keeps track of your discounts and total money spent.  This system provides a pragmatic reward for the trouble of having your data stored for their marketing purposes. For your very first order, regardless of its total price, you will receive a flat Myadmissionsessay coupon with a 5% discount. There is a banner at the top of the main page, reminding you of this offer. It seems that the code does not apply to orders under 30$.

VIP customer service 

The customer service is top-notch, even for standard clients. However, there is a way to receive even more attention and care from the staff. While most My Admissions Essay reviews consider it to be “pay to win,” the company has introduced a VIP customer service option. In some ways, this makes sense: this is a company that services thousands of requests, so it can be labor-intensive to process so many orders.  Users can pay to cut to the front of the line, guaranteeing that they will avoid the long queue. By picking the VIP customer service option, they will also integrate a text message notification that keeps you updated regarding your work’s progress. These extra perks will cost you an additional $14.99. The morality of such a system is debatable, yet for those who can afford it, it’s an advantageous feature to purchase. Reviews on Myadmissionsessay should mention this feature more, informing clients before they commit to a purchase.

Plagiarism check 

While an argument can be made for the VIP service report, the plagiarism check seems excessive. When I purchase a paper, it is expected as a bare minimum that the work will be original.  As a customer, I should not have to pay extra for a guarantee certificate that attests to the work’s originality. This point is underlined by the fact that plagiarism is Academia’s capital sin. Its absence should be a given.  Still, for those of you who have money to spare, the option is available. The verification service used will be WebCheck, which is a reputable provider. The price is variable, depending on the number of pages and the spacing used. It seems that Myadmissionsessay likes to charge you extra for services that should be offered for free. For example, for the charge of $4.99, the company can include a text document that lists the sources used while writing your paper. Without this addition, many teachers won’t even look at your writing. Also, they charge $9.99 for an Outline/Table of Contents document.  While I praised their low prices, it seems that they compensate through “extra” features that are more or less necessary. Overall, the cost of ordering a high-quality, academic-level paper is higher than it seems at first.  My admissions essay samples indicate the higher quality, yet the price can discourage those who rely on modest student budgets. 

Review of the Myadmissionsessay website

Gone are the days of walking into a business to purchase their service or product. Nowadays, we interact with websites, which puts pressure on companies to develop functional and exciting sites.  While it is nothing special, the Myadmissionsessay page is functional, and it gets the job done. It has nifty little cursor hover effects, such as the coupon graphics tearing as you move your cursor over them. This attention to detail may not seem like much, yet it is essential.  The color scheme is minimalistic, with a white page featuring blue and sea-green banners and buttons.  While some online paper writing services attempt to hide their prices, Myadmissionsessay has a price calculator as you visit their main page. The result will not be entirely accurate as it does not include eventual extra costs, yet it will give you an idea of what price you can expect to pay. The tool lets you select the type of paper, its academic level, and the deadline. Of course, if you click “Proceed to order,” you will be taken to a much more detailed selection page. Overall, the company has a professional page that sells its message well. It has a simplistic feel, yet it remains information-dense, a feat that is hard to accomplish.

The Essay I Bought From MyAdmissionsEssay Essay Writing Service


  • Type of paper: Essay (Persuasive)
  • Subject: English
  • Topic: Single-Sex Colleges Provide a Better Education
  • Level: High School
  • Length: 1 page / 275 words
  • Citation: APA
  • Urgency: 14 days
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MyAdmissionsEssay Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Grammar and Spelling 8/10
  • The writer uses Passive voice a lot that is not good. It is a sign of not a native English writer.
Style and word choice 8/10
  • “in regardS to” – “in regard to”
Punctuation 10/10
  • No punctuation mistakes were detected.
Plagiarism 9/10
  • The text is original. The writer said he used any sources but one program detected plagiarism, and the other – not. Probably, the writer did a good rewrite.
Following instructions10/10
  • The writer followed all the guidelines they were given.
  • The essay was delivered on time.
Ordering and delivery10/10
  • The ordering process was very easy.
Communication with support10/10
  • The customer support asked about probable additional instructions.
Communication with the writer 10/10
  • The writer was friendly and made all the fixes.
  • The payment was easy and quick.
  • The writer could have written the references, but it was not in guidelines, and overall, the essay was very easy to follow.

What was good

The writer’s friendliness and the quality of writing.

What was missing

The writer has made minor lexical mistakes but they were detected and corrected.


The author did a good job. The ideas and content of the essay were due to the topic. There are some mistakes but they were fixed after revision. The support was attentive and asked for extra guidelines. The payment was easy to make, the card verification was quick and without a problem. If there are references, it would be great, but it was not in the instructions so everything is OK.


Is Myadmissionsessay legit?

Yes, I have found nothing to indicate that the service is illegitimate. It delivers its product on time, and its payment processing is legitimate.

How to format my admissions essay?

The advantage of ordering a paper from scratch is that you can outsource that concern to your writer. You will only be expected to provide the general details, after which it is out of your hands.

Does Myadmissionsessay offer a discount code?

Yes, it does. It offers multiple discount options. For your first order, you will receive a 5% discount. After ordering, 10% of the money spent can be allotted as a discount for your next orders.

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James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

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