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Speedy Paper Review


Speedypaper is a service through which customers can purchase academic papers via a straightforwards process. The site’s name is also a promise: to deliver quality writing within the required deadline.  This Speedy Paper review will hope to look past the marketing and see if the page lives up to its stated goals. We will also look at the essay reviews of other customers to see if their experience matches ours. 

Speedy Paper review

Why the need for paper writing services?

Modern life certainly has its wonders. From electricity to communication at the speed of light, we witness wonders that our ancestors would have thought to be miracles.  Still, there are drawbacks to modernity. The economy and our social lives are organized around the idea of efficiency. The average person is expected to have gone through at least 12 years of school (ideally 16). After, he/she must enter a hyper-competitive job market where experience is valued above everything else.  Stress is prolific and unrelenting. Humans aren’t designed to be plugged in constantly, and the massive upsurge of psychological issues is proof of that concept. Like it or not, you need a break and some relief.  Students have the added worry of massive debt and the uncertainty of an entire lifetime ahead of them. Also, if you are a student, you are probably financially poor.

All of these factors have contributed to the rise of online paper writing websites. Even for an impoverished young adult student, paper services are a breath of fresh air. It is worth it to spend some of your meager resources just to get a few days off. You can use this time to rest, enjoy your social life, or study a subject that matters.  Universities have become for-profit business ventures; thus, they attempt to cram as many subjects as possible into your curricula. The logic is obvious: the more you “need” to learn, the more you stay in school and pay them.  Regardless of the reason, the market is creating a strong need for online paper writing services. It is wise to use paper writing sites to buy some time when that time matters most. Maybe you have an upcoming deadline and can’t handle all of your papers, or you just need an extended weekend to unwind.  Either way, the service should not be abused.

Reading other Speedy Paper reviews

As consumers, we need to understand what marketing is and what it isn’t. Marketing is not designed, to tell the truth. These campaigns are made to convince you to buy a specific product or service. Of course, elements of truth can be found in each commercial or Speedy Paper review, yet you cannot rely on the company’s marketing for an accurate view. Thankfully, the internet is filled with reviews of everything under the Sun.  Speedypaper reviews are refreshingly mixed, which is an excellent sign. If you ever find an article that just showers praise on a service, it is most likely paid marketing. The opposite is true for overly-negative pieces. It is not uncommon for competitors to pay writers to smear their competition. Mixed reviews are more honest because they express the good and bad parts of an experience.

As mentioned, most Speedy Paper reviews are measured and nuanced. The lukewarm reviews often mentioned mediocre writing as the major drawback of the service, but that is to be expected when dealing with online paper writing companies. In general, unless you are willing to train and hire your own writers, you will have to deal with freelancers. Freelancers are as diverse as humans can get, as they can apply from anywhere in the world.  Hiring native-level writers aren’t as foolproof as it used to be, given that the resource pool will be more limited, and there is no guarantee of superior quality. As a customer, you need to adjust your expectations regarding online paper writing services.

This venture isn’t meant to represent a student autopilot mode. You should not outsource your most important tasks, just your most useless and time-consuming essays. Regarding those who are not familiar with the web: there are sites such as Trustpilot, which have built their entire business model around providing honest reviews. If something receives praise via this platform, it can generally be trusted.  Trustpilot has an accurate and honest Speedypaper review, and the service seems to be legitimate.

Customer support 

I hate dealing with customer support. Most times, customer support reps are the cleanup crew, handling issues created by the writers. More often than not, if you need to talk to them, something has gone terribly wrong.  It is very important to have well-trained, restrained, and polite customer support representatives. They are the public face of any company. For the sake of writing this Speedy Paper review, I contacted their staff just to evaluate the speed and quality of their response. Thankfully, the response was swift and prompt. As far as I’m concerned, this speedy essay service lives up to its name. As a pet peeve, I detest being made to wait for a response when my issue is urgent. I automatically ignore any company that doesn’t feature a live chat or a direct phone line function. Making me talk to pre-programmed responses seems like a general lack of respect for the client.

Thankfully, Speedypaper reviews mention excellent support, and they pick up the phone when you call them. Another praiseworthy policy includes the money-back guarantee. You wouldn’t need this feature in an ideal world because you should be happy with the paper you’re getting. However, even the best services miss deadlines or provide sub-standard documents on occasion.  Some businesses attempt to shuffle a refund issue, refusing to give back cash, instead offering credits for another purchase. Speedypaper is more straightforward, as it gives you back your money.  They do not drag their feet either. I couldn’t find a Speedy Paper review that mentions a severely delayed money-back process. 

Speedy paper review


Prices and discounts

Let’s not mince words: most students are poor. Given that students use these online paper writing services, it would be good to keep prices low.  Some can get away with charging higher rates, but competitors’ increase is bridging even their prices down. In general, whenever I find a paper writing service that charges over $12 for its cheapest page, I move on. Of course, their website might promise you Harvard-level writing, but that is misleading. In my experience, both the cheap and expensive essay sites recruit from the same pool of freelancers. The quality varies wildly, and inconsistency is the only constant.  So don’t believe the marketing. There is no justifiable reason for a business to hike up its prices past the industry standard. 

Calculating prices 

Of course, prices are calculated based on several factors. It is reasonable to assume that a writer’s rate should increase as he is asked to do more research or write on a higher academic level.  The criteria for taken into consideration are:

  • Academic level: featuring High School, Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. tiers
  • Type of paper: too many to mention here. Speedypaper offers to write essays, dissertations, CV papers, reviews, biographies, case studies, thesis, speeches, and more. Basically, their range of services can cover most people’s Academic needs. 
  • Deadline: Their deadlines range from 20 days to just 6 hours—the price increases based on the deadline’s closeness. I haven’t tested the 6-hour deadline, but it would be impressive to order 20 pages and have them delivered in only 6 hours. 
  • The number of pages: Finally, we have the most straightforward criteria. The more pages that need writing, the more expensive the service gets. 

Just as an example, a High-School level paper with a deadline of 20 days will cost you about $9. This is the cheapest page you can order. A PhD-level paper with the same deadline will cost $19.  While analyzing Speedypaper prices review, it becomes apparent that you cannot abuse a paper writing site, even if you wanted to. Paying over $500 for a decent academic paper will take a huge chunk out of your budget, even if you are relatively well-off. This service is meant for emergencies, for students who are on the brink of failing a subject.  All of the mentioned criteria can be calculated easily, thanks to the in-built price calculation tool. Most likely, this tool will be the first thing you see while visiting the Speedypaper main page.  It allows you to estimate the final price of your order within a reasonable degree of accuracy. I find this feature useful, as I can prepare myself and evaluate my order before I make it. Also, shopping around for different companies becomes more manageable when the front page showcases an accurate estimation of the final price. 

Speedypaper essay service


Real Speedy Paper reviews will often mention the lack of discount as a significant drawback. I tend to be a little more lenient, as their upfront prices are lower, especially when compared to their competitors’ rates.  I usually use the lowest and most expensive single-page price for my benchmarks when evaluating paper writing sites. I have yet to find a place that charges less than $9 for its cheapest page. This is not only the industry standard; it is the industry minimum.  Given the affordable rates, Speedypaper can be forgiven for the lack of discounts.  Still, it does seem to bother people, and my leniency is not shared by other previous and current clients.  It used to be the case that the business did not offer any discount. Now, as you visit their main page, a pop-up ad will appear, requesting your email. If you input your email, you will receive a Speedypaper discount code.  As a customer, you still get the impression that they did this just to cross it off the checklist. Compared to the elaborate coupon and discount schemes of most competitors, the Speedypaper discounts seem like a tacked-on afterthought. 

Plagiarism and spellcheck

Once you’ve used paper writing services a few times, certain tricks of the trade become apparent. For example, sites get away with lower prices by introducing hidden costs. They add things that should be free, as extra paid services.  When I order a paper, it should be understood that the final result should be free of plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered one of academia’s capital sins, and most teachers will show no mercy towards a student that plagiarizes.  A writer should check his work for plagiarism not as an extra service but as a bare minimum requirement. It would be like a writing service charging you for using correct spelling. That shouldn’t be a perk; it should be a feature.  Thankfully, Speedypaper does multiple plagiarism checks for free, and their editing seems spot-on.  With previous orders for other companies, I found myself in the situation of having to spellcheck, plagiarism check, and edit the paper after receiving it. The whole point of using such a service is to save time. The customer should be able to deliver the essay without even giving it a second glance.  The paper I ordered for this review was excellent, with an above-average quality level. Besides, the price had no hidden costs. I assume all editing was handled free of charge. 

The website of Speedy Paper

I have something called the distance test. It is straightforward: have someone open a website and stand across the room. If you can’t tell which website that is, it is just another generic page, and the design team should get a pay cut.  Many designers understand that certain colors go well together, while others do not. Most computer science degrees also spend time teaching you about color theory.  Yet, common sense dictates that once something is overused, it ceases to be effective.  Blue and white color palettes are so prolific that they have reached the point of representing the default; generic and bland. Speedypaper’s website scheme gets no points from me, given the lackluster design elements. I can’t discount any points either.  Still, in terms of functionality, their website is intuitive and informational. It functions well and does its job. The aforementioned price calculator is featured on the main page.  Also, the main bragging points are showcased, such as the on-time delivery, quality of writing, and personalized order process. The main page also features some stats. If true, they are impressive. At the time of writing, Speedypaper has:

  • 11053 completed orders
  • Over 270 active writers
  • An overall roster of 1172 writers
  • A total of 15322 reviews, averaging out at 4.8/5


Speedypaper service

Conclusion on Speedy Paper Review

The Speedypaper rating is very high, for both I and other customers. It passes every test with flying colors, with the only drawbacks represented by a lackluster color scheme and a limited discount policy.  All else is excellent. 

The Essay I Bought From Speedy Paper Essay Writing Service


  • Type of paper: Compare & contrast essay
  • Topic: Is Paid Education (Private Colleges) More Effective Than Free (Public Schools)? 
  • Length: 1 page
  • Citation: APA
  • Urgency: 20 days
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Speedypaper Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Grammar and Spelling 9/10
  • Currently, there has been a debate” — currently, there is / recently, there has been
Style and word choice 6/10
  • These schools have comparisons” — These schools have differences
  • “public schools’ tuition fee has increased by 200%, and by 168% in private colleges” — tuition fees have increased by 200% in public schools and by 168% in private colleges
  • “Both schools have a set pass mark” —  Both public and private schools have a set minimum grade
  • “Students are required to score the set marks for them to graduate” — Students are required to get a predetermined minimum grade to be able to graduate.
  • “Due to lower fees, residents decide to remain in public colleges more than in private schools” — Due to lower fees, residents decide to remain in public colleges more often than in private schools
  • “private students” — private school students
  • “Thus, this is due” — this is due
Punctuation 10/10
  • “Private colleges, as well as public schools, follow a standard” — private colleges, as well as public schools, follow a standard
Formating 8/10
  • The paper is formatted properly according to the APA standards. However, the author forgot to include a running head.
Plagiarism 8/10
  • We’ve run several plagiarism checks, and one of the checkers detected some plagiarism. 
Documentation and evidence10/10
  • The writer used relevant academic sources.
Following instructions7/10
  • The writer followed all the initial instructions and the revision instructions.
  • The paper was delivered before the deadline.
Ordering and delivery10/10
  • The ordering process was fast and easy. 
Communication with support10/10
  • The customer service at Speedy Paper is amazing. They never took longer than a minute to reply and always were very polite and friendly. Besides, when we gave the paper a rating of 7/10, they contacted us immediately and asked if we would like to talk to the Quality Assurance team. 
Communication with the writer 10/10
  • When we requested a revision, the writer replied promptly and made all the changes we have asked for. 
  • The payment process was fast and smooth.
Ideas and content10/10
  • The author raised some important points, presented some examples, and answered the questions they had to answer. 
  • The paper has an introduction and a conclusion. The introduction could be better, but overall, the paper is well-organized and easy to follow.

What was good

The paper was delivered on time,  and we didn’t have any problems with ordering, payment, or customer support. The writer only made one mistake in grammar and one mistake in punctuation.

What was missing

Although the writer’s grammar skills are quite good, it is clear that the essay was not written by a native speaker. The wording they chose was quite odd on multiple occasions. 


Our experience with SpeedyPaper was quite pleasant. We’ve ordered the paper and paid for it without any complications. The customer support was great — they answered all our questions and made sure we were satisfied with the paper. Unfortunately, the paper itself was not that great. Content-wise, it’s a good essay that makes some important points. However, the writer’s English is far from perfect. The wording was odd, and some phrases did not make sense. We have requested a revision, and some mistakes were corrected, but not all of them. Finally, one of the plagiarism checkers we used detected some plagiarism. To conclude, we would say that SpeedyPaper is a legit, high-quality service, but we were out of luck with the writer.  


Is Speedy Paper trustworthy? Is Speedy Paper reliable?

These questions are related. Speedypaper can be trusted to do its job, as I have found no reviews complaining of scams. In terms of deliveries, the service is both trustworthy and reliable. I can’t verify that your personal info is safe since they use cookies and demand you to register an account. No data leaks yet.

When should I ask for a Speedypaper refund?

It is ideal to ask for a refund when something goes wrong: The writer misses his/her deadline. The paper is filled with spelling/formatting mistakes. The paper fails to pass the teacher test. All of these reasons are valid.

Is Speedy Paper legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate business from any measurable standpoint. I have found no evidence of a Speedypaper scam.

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James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

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