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There is money to be had in satisfying demand. Some needs are trivial and mundane, while others are life-changing and important.  The current economy is swiftly becoming hyper-competitive and less forgiving, and every student is working with a limited amount of time and resources. For most of us, we only get one shot at being a student. We have to make it count, and like it or not, our grades and credits will follow us for the rest of our lives.  The stakes are high, so it is essential to take advantage of every service that promises to lighten our burden and give us an edge. This review will analyze a business that can help with your academic papers.  We will try to look past its official marketing and see what the customers have to say about their experience. I also ordered a paper to know the quality of their writing first-hand. 

Reading other reviews

In order to be disappointed, you must first deceive yourself. As a customer, you must understand what an essay writing service represents and why you should use it.  If you are expecting a paper that is just as good as if it was written by your own hand, you will be severely disappointed. Many online Topessaywriting reviews do not understand that a paper writing site should be viewed as a last resort. Try to see it as an “In case of a failing grade, break glass” failsafe.  Many former customers are disappointed by their paper’s mediocre quality. A freelance writer on the web will never produce an A+ piece on a topic you spent an entire semester learning, and your teacher spent a full career teaching.  Despite claiming otherwise, these writers are not experts in every Academic field. They are witty freelancers who research a topic and write a paper. Personally, I only used essay sites when I knew that I could not meet a deadline. It was my safety net, my emergency measure.  Almost without exception, I paid for mediocre papers that were enough to get me past the hurdle. I was grateful for passing and promised to manage my time better in the future.  The online reviews mostly reflect these two positions: some are happy that the service helped them in a pinch, while others are disappointed by the mediocre quality.  There are sites whose only purpose is to host reviews of other sites and businesses. Probably one of the most prolific is  If the “Today’s site activity” section is to be believed, the top essay writing reviews featured on Trustpilot averages out at four out of five stars. Also, at the time of writing, their daily order workload was 2219 orders. Out of these, 903 were completed. The site had 15 operators in total, 11 being active. The writer count was impressive as well, with more than 1500 writers, 1153 being active. website design and functionality

It is said that background music in a movie or a video game is well-done when you don’t even notice that it’s there. It just blends into the overall experience and shapes it.  I think that the same criteria can be applied to websites. Their primary function is to work and showcase your services. When you hear about web pages in reviews, it’s usually a negative comment because something isn’t working.  Thankfully, Topessaywriting testimonials do not seem to mention the website itself, which is a good sign.  In terms of design, the site is simplistic and easy to navigate. You can get most of the relevant information without even scrolling. The title of the page, “Welcome to Top Academic Assistance Company,” almost threw me off. It almost implies that they merely consult with your paper instead of writing it for a fee.  Do not worry; the title is a euphemism. Top essay writing is an academic paper writing service.  If you visit the page and stand idle for a few moments, a pop-up will appear. This window has an automated FAQ chat function that simulates talking with an actual representative. Extra points for effort, but I was always the type of customer that likes to bother real customer support representatives.  A lackluster support system soured my experience with many otherwise exemplary companies. This focus on support may just be my pet peeve, but I add or deduct many points depending on the quality of the support system. Top essay writing seems to have a functional, high-quality customer support line. It is possible to contact the company via email, a live chat feature, and a toll-free phone number. They even give you their home office address. Of course, these features are available 24/7. Although the topic rarely is mentioned, there are a few Top Essay Writing org reviews that praise the support system and the company’s polite, well-trained representatives.  Also, this market niche of essay sites has a large number of scammers. Shady overseas companies own several seemingly unconnected sites. A subtle way to tell if a site is dubious is to see if it showcases its address or posts info on its writers. A Topessaywriting scam seems very unlikely, as they are a very transparent company. 

The color scheme and aesthetics at

The short version is: I like it.  Exceptionally few reviews can be truly objective, and those who claim objectivity are usually dishonest. We all filter the world through our own tastes and preferences. This subjectivity is especially relevant when analyzing aesthetics.  I did not take a web design class, nor did I learn about online color theory. Yet, it seems that many sites choose the white/blue color scheme. It has been done to death.  The internet is a blur of hundreds of thousands of websites, each with the same monotonous white background with blue highlights. I was pleasantly surprised while writing this review. The page opted for a caramel/cream Cappucino-ish palette on a white background. The transition between colors is also more seamless, as they seem to blend into each other.   Again, this is very subjective. You might hate this palette, or you might not care about the color at all. 

Main selling points of Review

I haven’t checked, but at least a few dozen sites offer to do the same thing as Some even offer lower prices.  So, why choose these guys?  There isn’t a service offered here that you won’t find on another site. So, to answer the question: you don’t have to choose Topessaywriting.  The best case that can be made is that they are very dependable. I take comfort in working with a known quantity. Some paper sites are too hit or miss.  The same business can deliver outstanding work or miss deadlines and cause you to fail the grade. No Topessaywriting writers review mentioned any plagiarism, scamming, or missed a deadline.  Sure, other companies offer to refund your money if they miss a deadline or provide a sub-standard paper. Yet, getting back my $150 is little consolation compared to losing credits on a degree that cost me tens of thousands of dollars. These guys seem to have their act together, and that is very important. Consistent quality and professionalism are their main selling points.  The main features advertised on their website are: 

  1. Substantial write database.

Given a roster of 1500 writers, they can handle a large workload. Also, considering the positive reviews, they manage to maintain a consistent level of quality. 

  1. Certified professionals in over 50+ areas. 

I am not sure if this is true or how to verify the validity of this statement. I will just have to judge a tree by its fruits, given that Topessaywriting does not feature writer bios on its website. 

  1. Non-stop customer support

This feature, I can vouch for. Their support representatives are chatty and friendly, and they are available round the clock. 

  1. Original research and writing

No essay paper is original. The student isn’t doing experiments himself to find results. He is taking information gathered via research and using it to augment his points. So, writing a successful paper becomes an issue of masterful spinning, researching, and rewriting. reviews do not mention any failed plagiarism checks.

  1. Writer collaboration 

This is another feature that I have personally enjoyed. The writer assigned to your paper can consult with you at every step of the way. This makes sure that the essay is tailor-made for your needs. Still, it is not mandatory.  If you don’t have time and just want the writer to work on autopilot, that is also possible. Just make sure to provide as many details and sources as possible. 

  1. Refund policy 

The most straightforward feature to explain: if they provide a sub-standard product, you will get your money back. Yet, as previously mentioned, losing credits is much more damaging than losing a few hundred dollars. 

Price at Review

As soon as you visit their main page, you can see a button for the Topessaywriting discount code. It is featured on the right-hand corner of the page. I do not know if there are seasonal Topessaywriting coupon codes, aside from the main 13% discount available all year.  In terms of prices, the services are somewhere in the mid-tier range. Some companies offer papers at dirt-cheap prices, yet those papers are often amateurishly written.  Prices are calculated based on three criteria: urgency, number of pages, and academic level. Basically, the cost will increase if the paper is harder to write, longer, or on a tighter deadline.  I ordered a ten-page piece, with a two-week deadline, for a Freshman college level. It costs me 139.9$, which is a fair price. 

Conclusion on 

There is no shame in offering a dependable, decent, mid-tier service. Topessaywriting does just that, and it prospers doing so. There are no major downsides to using this service, and nothing, in particular, stood out. 

The Essay I Bought From TopEssayWriting Essay Writing Service


  • Type of paper: Essay (Persuasive)
  • Subject: English
  • Topic: Single-Sex Colleges Provide a Better Education
  • Level: High School
  • Length: 1 page / 275 words
  • Citation: APA
  • Urgency: 7 days
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TopEssayWriting Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Grammar and Spelling 10/10
  • There are no grammar mistakes.
Style and word choice 4/10
  • The word “education” is used almost in each sentence. It can be changed for synonyms or pronouns, or simply avoid using it.
  • The same is with “free”. It is fine to synonymize this word in terms of the name of the topic or it is better to leave it as it is, despite it is overused.
  • There are two similar sentences in two different passages. They are:

“Education should therefore be free because of the many benefits it creates for people.” “Education should be free because of its numerous benefits on people.”

Punctuation 8/10
  • There should be Oxford comma before “and”: 

“Most jobs, professions and employment opportunities” – “Most jobs, professions, and employment opportunities”

  • We need to put comma from both sides of “for instance”, not only after it:

“Education may dwindle if for instance, there are not enough” – “Education may dwindle if, for instance, there are not enough”

Formating 10/10
  • The formatting is correct.
Plagiarism 10/10
  • The text is plagiarism-free.
Documentation and evidence10/10
  • The author used the relevant sources.
Following instructions10/10
  • The writer followed all the guidelines they were given.
  • The essay was delivered on time.
Ordering and delivery10/10
  • The ordering process was easy and comfortable.
Communication with support10/10
  • The customer support always replied fast.
Communication with the writer 10/10
  • The writer is easy to communicate with.
  • The payment was made without problems.
  • The writer presented some interesting ideas that were relevant to the essay’s topic.

What was good

The essay was written due to the instructions. In general, the ideas were easy to follow.

What was missing

There are some punctuation errors and stylistic mistakes that were fixed.


The essay is well-written. Although there are some mistakes in the text the essay is easy to read. The text is unique and there is no problem with its ordering. The support was helpful and communication with the writer was easy and fast. In general, this job can be scored 8 out of 10.



Is Topessaywriting safe?

Hackers are rarely interested in essay sites. They do not pose a priority target. Also, the website itself does require you to set up an account and accept cookies. Then again, so does every other service on the internet. It seems that your personal information is not being sold or misused, making Topessaywriting a very safe service.

Is legit?

There is no Topessaywriting scam. Even its most ardent detractors haven’t mentioned scamming, missed deadlines, or stolen funds. Given the absence of proof regarding illegal activity, it is safe to assume that is legit.

Are Topessaywriting prices fair?

The service prices fall well within the industry average, making them quite fair.

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My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

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