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Ultius review


You may ask yourself why would you need an Ultius review. Why would you need an essay writing service review? Well, the answers to those questions are simple. And we shall start by explaining them prior to delving into the topic of Ultius review today.

ultius essay

To start with, today’s students are juggling with much more information than they once were. We now know much more information and it is constantly flowing towards our brains. To become really good at our respective fields, we need to navigate through that maze of not-ending data. This becomes a bit harder when we have essays, papers, dissertations, or other assignments to write. For when we have such, we should find information, assimilate it, convert it through the prism of what we wish to say, make sure it stays unbiased, write it on paper, proofread it, and edit it if necessary. All that requires time and attention. That is why one may need an essay writing service. For such services offer to connect you to various writers who are experienced in the world of academia. They understand academic writing, they have expertise in their respective fields, and they are professionals who are keen to help you learn. And, when time is short, one may feel the need to turn to such a service. But in this case, the question will come, “Which one?”. And that is why you should stop and check out various Ultius reviews. And that is why we are doing that review in particular. So, let us begin.

What Does Ultius Have to Offer?

ultius review online

They are promising to deliver 100% original writing. That is a must on any essay writing service for the papers they do should be absolutely free of plagiarized content, otherwise, you may face academic consequences. But Ultius say that they write the essays from scratch based on the instructions the client provides. They do not re-use or re-sell previous orders. In this Ultius review, we should also mention that they use anti-plagiarism tools that ensure that the work they give you does not match anything that can be found on the Internet. Thus, they are trying to be sure your assignment will be completely unique.

Next in our review of Ultius, we would like to point out that they offer free revisions which are important for not always you will be completely satisfied. In that case, you can submit a revision request. That should be done within seven days of the final delivery. Should you do so, they promise to deliver a revised version in no more than three days for free. They say that they offer a 1-to-1 chat with the writer via a messaging interface. That way you can exchange files or notes, review the progress and the current drafts, and provide feedback. In every offer the core included thigs are 275 words a page, a title page, a page with references and cited works, as well as the correct style formatting. They are proud to claim that they accept only 6 in every 100 writers who have applied. That means they review very carefully the writers who apply to make sure they hire competent, expert writers who will provide the best work. They go through a specific filtering process that includes: source candidates, review resume, sample work request, phone interview, writer orientation, onboarding.

Ultius has a robust process that is aimed to assure quality. They go through specific steps that include: ordering, pre-screening by the support, draft submission by the writer, requirements review, quality standards, and originality scan by the editor, final delivery, and option for revision. They also do their best to give you the best writer for your needs by filtering which of their available writers is best suited to match your requirements and necessary qualifications. Ultius guarantees complete confidentiality for all order details, personal information, and transactions. The identification by the writer is via a client ID number so that your personal data remains secure. For connection to the support team or other interaction about the order, you shall be asked to verify the account with a dial-in PIN that you create when registering the account. For staff members, 2-step authentication is required. The whole site is protected by 256-Bit SSL encryption to ensure safety from third parties. They offer all-time-on customer support for answering any question. You can access it through any platform and via voice, SMS, email, Facebook, and live chat.

ultius rating

How To Order?

On the main page, you will see a blue field where you can select the writer level (High School, Undergraduate, Master’s, Doctoral), Deadline (from 60 days up to three hours), and page count. When you do that, you shall see the price to that moment. Then you click the orange “Proceed to order” button. It will lead you to a page that is more throughout the review of your needs. You shall need to select the service type – Custom writing, editing, or business writing. Then you can select the writer level, the subject of the document, the urgency, the type of the document, the pages you need, the spacing, the style of the citations, the needed sources. There is also a custom field where you can enter the details about the topic. Next, you are able to provide additional instructions. Next, you have the chance to select among three types of writers – Best available (for free),  Graduate (+20%), or Requested (+15%). Now you need to agree to the Terms of Use and the Fair Use Disclaimer. Below you shall see the price per page, the total add-ons, the discount, as well as the total price. Underneath that is an option to entering a loyalty code. On the right side, there is another orange button “Confirm order details”. When you click on it you shall be taken to a page where you need to log in and confirm. Afterward is the payment page where you pay for your order via a secure platform.

Ultius Essay Prices

No review of Ultius will be complete without mentioning the price. For High School, with the longest deadline of 60 days, the starting price per page is $16.5. When you go up to a three hours deadline, the price ups to $54 a page. If you need an Undergraduate assignment, the 60-days deadline begins at $18 a page, whereas for a 3-hour deadline the price a page starts at $68. For a 60-day deadline on Master’s the price begins at $22 a page, while if you go up to a 3-hour deadline, the price ups to $75 a page. Should you pick Doctoral, the starting price for 60 days deadline is $28 a page and the starting price for a 12-hour deadline (the shortest deadline for Doctoral level) is $65. There are various Ultius discount codes, currently, one with a 10% off that can be claimed by clicking on the “CLAIM OFFER” orange button at the top. There are also loyalty codes. It varies depending on when are you ordering the assignment. There is also a 15% off on the first order you make on Ultius with the discount code “newscast”.

Reviews of Ultius

  online ultius review reviews from customers show a high satisfaction rate. On SiteJabber they have 410 Ultius reviews with an average rating of 4.0. At Better Business Bureau there are 177 reviews where the average rating is 4.9. If we look at Facebook, there are 70 customer reviews with the average rating being 4.0. At Google Reviews there are 15 such and the average score is 4.5. On Trustpilot, though, they have only four Ultius reviews with an average of 3.7 stars. One of them is of a really excited customer with more than 30 orders who say they are completely satisfied with the service. Still, there are two reviews that state that the price is too much and the work delivered does not meet the standards.


In our review of Ultius paper writing and other services we strived to give you a throughout comprehension of the service, what does it offer, how much it cost, and what are the customer reviews of it. We hope that we achieved that goal and we would be glad if we gave you some help in your search for an essay writing service. There are, of course, other such services, and choosing from all of them can be tricky. That was a reason why we did that review – to aid you in your selection of a proper one. Sure, there are some things you need to be aware of. First, always do your own plagiarism check that ensures you will not be involved in any plagiarism offenses. Second, make sure to read and comprehend the writing so as to be prepared to answer any questions one may have about it. When you are giving the topic, make sure to insert all the relevant information and instructions so that the writer can suit your needs better. Also, include any additional requests you may have for the writer to keep in mind. Ensure you are allowing enough time for the writer to give you a professional, well-written, and well-thought piece of writing. Yes, there is the option for shorter deadlines but cutting the deadline too short may impact the level of writing.

In conclusion, one may sometimes need to use Ultius essay writing services in order to manage to deal with all the assignments they have on time. There are times when the work is simply too much for a person to deal with. In that case, professional, experienced, and well-versed writers may come in handy to aid you in your academic experience. Such writers can be found working for various essay writing services. Make sure to check out the reviews when you are picking service in order to ensure that the one who will be writing your assignment has experience, expertise, and capabilities to finish the job with high quality and on time.

The Essay I Bought From Ultius


  • Type of paper: Compare and contrast essay
  • Subject: English
  • Topic: American English vs. British English: Major Differences 
  • Level: High School
  • Length: 1 page
  • Citation: APA
  • Urgency: 20 days
  • Sources: 3
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Ultius Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Grammar and Spelling 10/10
  • The writer didn’t make any errors in grammar and spelling.
Style and word choice 10/10
  • The author used appropriate writing style and word choice.
Punctuation 10/10
  • The writer didn’t make any punctuation mistakes.
Formating 9/10
  • The author always left a double space between sentences, which is incorrect. Other than that, the essay was formatted properly according to the APA standards.
Plagiarism 10/10
  • No plagiarism was detected.
Documentation and evidence10/10
  • The author used three relevant sources and cited them properly.
Following instructions10/10
  • The writer followed all the instructions they were given.
  • The essay was delivered before the deadline.
Ordering and delivery10/10
  • The ordering process was very easy.  The essay was delivered by the Quality Assurance Department along with instructions how to download the essay or request some corrections.
Communication with support10/10
  • The Quality Assurance Department always replied fast and helped us settle our doubts.
Communication with the writer 1/10
  • The first draft was great, so we didn’t have any reason to contact the writer.
  • We’ve run into some problems with the payment. First, the company doesn’t allow you to pay with PayPal or any other digital methods, so you can only pay by card. There are 2 payment methods available — “Card” and “Stripe”. Both require you to pay by card, however, if you choose “Card”, your username and your location have to match with the name on the card and your billing address. If you have moved recently or are studying abroad, that might be a problem. On the other hand,  if you choose “Stripe”, you won’t encounter such problems. 
Ideas and content10/10
  • The writer presented some interesting ideas that were relevant to the essay’s topic.
  • The writer could have made a clearer introduction and conclusion, but overall, the essay was very easy to follow.

Writer comments

What was good

The writer’s English is wonderful. We haven’t found any mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, or word choice.

What was missing

The writer has made a minor formatting error several times throughout the text. Besides, we’ve had some problems with payment.


The author did an excellent job. Since there were no grammar mistakes at all, we would guess it was written by a native speaker. Although the topic of the Ultius essay is quite common,  the writer managed to make some interesting points. All in all, we’re quite sure that any high school student would get an A for that Ultius essay. We were disappointed to see you can only pay by card on the website, and it took us a couple of tries to complete the payment successfully. Some students might be discouraged by the problems with payments and go for another service, which would be a pity.



Is Ultius legal?

Yes, as long as there is no plagiarism in the assignment.

Is Ultius cheating?

No, as long as there is no plagiarism involved.

Is Ultius scam?

We found no such evidence.

How to order on Ultius?

We described the process in detail above.

Why are there negative Ultius reviews?

No service can guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate.

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James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

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