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Although there are dozens of essay writing services trying to prove they are the best company on the market, Writepaperforme is a service that’s really hard not to notice. There isn’t a single negative review as many other essays reviews, their customer support replies very fast and they offer many useful extras. Oh, and the best part about all of it? It’s extremely affordable.

Since Writepaperforme sounds almost too good to be true, we decided to conduct our own unbiased review to find out what Writepaperforme is really like. reviews

How to order on Writepaperforme?

On their website, Writepaperforme claims they are a perfect place to get help for your assignment. Let’s take a look at the ordering process to find out if it really is as simple as the company says it is. 

  1. The first step is clicking on the Order now button on the main page. If you’re not yet sure whether you want to order or not, you can use the price calculator to determine how much your particular paper would cost.
  1. After you open the order form, you need to fill out all the basic information about your paper. Start by specifying your paper type. There are quite a few of them on Writepaperforme such as various types of essays (including admission essays), articles, reviews, case studies, problem-solving, and presentations. If you’re a Master’s or a Ph.D. student, you can also get some help with your thesis or dissertation. If you need help with admissions or a job application, you might want to consider ordering a CV, a resume, a cover letter, or even a recommendation letter, although the last one is somewhat suspicious. If you’re not sure how to describe your assignment, choose “Essay” and provide more information about your paper in the comments below. 
  1. The next step is selecting your subject out of the drop-down menu. Once again, if you don’t find yours on the list, choose the “Other’ option. Keep in mind that the topics that Writepaperforme considers “complex” will cost you more than others. The list includes subjects like computer science, statistics, physics, finance, and engineering. Surprisingly, medicine and nursing don’t fall into that category.
  1. After that, provide your paper’s name and any additional information that might help the writer. Try and include as much information as possible and remember that your writer doesn’t know anything about your school, your professor, or your writing style. You can also include some materials that the writer can use for the assignment such as your notes from the lecture or any mandatory literature.
  1. Now, move over onto the second page of the application form and choose your academic level: high school, undergraduate, Masters, or Ph.D. 
  1. Besides choosing the type of assignment, on Writepaperforme you also get to choose what exactly do you want the service to do for you: writing, editing, problem-solving, rewriting, multiple-choice question, or Questions & Answers. If you choose writing, your paper will be written from scratch. Editing is a cheaper service but you’ll have to write your assignment by yourself first. If you have a take-home test, you can choose multiple choice or Questions & Answers, depending on the type of questions your test includes. The rewriting service is quite tricky — it sounds like something that might involve plagiarism, so we wouldn’t recommend using it. 
  1. Then you should choose your deadline. On Writepaperforme, the shortest one is 6 hours and the longest one is 14 days. Naturally, the earlier you place your order, the lower is your price. 
  1. Afterward, choose the number of pages and spacing. Pay special attention to spacing since it determines how many words will fit into the page. 
  1. Before proceeding to the last part of the order form, choose the number of sources you want your writer to use. Choose as many as you want — when you have many sources, your paper looks more professional. There’s also an option to get all your sources in PDF form, although the way Writepaperforme advertises the feature is a bit strange. Allegedly, “it allows you to make sure the content matches sources and makes writers pay more attention to source usage”. It’s kind of surprising that the company questions the writers’ ability to do their job in such an open manner. It would cost you $4 per source, which is a bit overpriced too. 
  1. All set! Choose the extra features you want to add to your assignment (we’ll get into them later in the Writepaperforme review) and go to checkout. Writepaperforme accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Bitcoin. If you have a big and pricey assignment, you can choose to pay in installments, which can be a great option for people who are ordering theses or dissertations. Prices

One thing that sets Writepaperforme apart from its competitors is its prices. As we’ve mentioned before, the company’s prices are so low that we had to investigate it and create this review so that you know if you can really trust Writepaperforme or not.

Writepaperforme price

Just like the company states on its main page, the prices start at just $6.99 per page if you’re a high school student and place your order 14 days in advance. If you’re closer to the deadline and only have 5 days left till your deadline, expect to pay $10.99 per page. Even if you only have 6 hours left, one page will only cost you $18.39, which is unheard of. Undergraduate prices are slightly higher: the prices for 14-day and 5-day deadlines are $9.69 and $12.99 per page respectively. The price never exceeds $20, even if you choose the shortest deadline. Frankly, it is quite suspicious that for only $60 you can actually get a 3-page Ph.D. essay. Many services ask for more even for high-school-level assignments. Extras

If you have ever worked with essay writing services before, you might already know that the company’s rates aren’t the only thing that influences the final price of your assignment. Many services also offer extras, and if you choose to get some, your price might be significantly higher. 

  • Plagiarism report

Although Writepaperforme claims every paper goes through a thorough Writepaperforme plagiarism check before it’s delivered to you, you’ll have to pay to get an actual plagiarism report.  It would cost you an additional $10, which wouldn’t break the bank if you want to have full certainty that your paper is 100% original. 

  • Progressive delivery

This extra gives you an option to have your paper delivered in parts, which can be very useful for long assignments. If the writer didn’t understand the instructions well enough, you can guide him before he writes an entire paper (or worse, a dissertation) on a wrong topic. Besides, it would only cost you 10% more, so it is definitely worth it. 

  • Summary of your paper

This one is self-explanatory. And quite affordable too — it will cost you just as much as any other page of your paper. 

  • Draft of your paper

With this extra, you can get 1 page of your paper within the first 30% of your deadline for the price of one page. If your paper is long or especially important, it can be quite helpful.

Writepaperforme Discount

Considering how low the prices are on Writepaperforme, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are not very generous with discounts. However, while conducting this Writepaperforme review, we did manage to find two ways to save some cash. The first one is the first-order discount: if it’s your first time visiting the company’s website, you will get a pop-up discount offer that will get you 7% off your first Writepaperforme order. Admittedly, it’s not much, but it’s something. Another way you can get a promo code for Writepaperfor me — and many other services — is by taking a look at coupon websites. If you Google “writepaperfrome discount code”, there’s a high chance that you’ll find a code that will work. At least, it worked for us. reviews discount

Writepaperforme writers

As you can see, the prices on Writepaperforme will definitely satisfy every student. But what about the paper’s quality? That’s one of the biggest questions we wanted to tackle in this review. Frankly, it’s quite hard to believe that a highly qualified writer would be ready to work for such low prices. 

So what does Writepaperforme say about its writers? According to the service’s FAQ section, every writer meets the following requirements: a university degree, a GPA no less than 3.00, an 80+ score on all the Writepaperforme tests, and a score of 80 or above on for a sample of work. The requirements are not too high — a bachelor’s degree is Enough and you don’t have to be a native English speaker. Clearly, a company with such low rates couldn’t possibly afford to hire American or British writers. Still, it’s a bit worrisome that Writepaperforme doesn’t mention any English requirements for their writers. They also have some writer profiles on their website, but they don’t look real at all. Frankly, it seems like it’s just a bunch of stock photos with some random text. 

Writepaperforme writers

A good way to check the writers’ quality is by checking out the samples on the company’s website. For the sake of this review, we analyzed several writing samples. In general, the quality was quite high. While some assignments had minor typos or punctuation mistakes, all of the assignments were consistent and coherent. The reviews from the company’s customers also proved that the quality of the papers is usually quite high, even though it’s not perfect. 

On Writepaperforme, you can also take additional measures to make sure your assignment is of the highest possible quality. There are four different writer categories, so you can choose to pay a little extra and get a more qualified writer

  • Best available writer

This is the basic option that comes free of charge.

  • PRO writer + 25%

This option is slightly more expensive, and Writepaperforme claims it is the most popular choice. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t specify how exactly is this option different from the basic one. However, it’s not very expensive, so you might want to consider it 

  • TOP writer + 45%

The TOP writer option is the most expensive one. Supposedly, it will give you the certainty that your assignment will be written by one of the best writers in the company. 

  • Preferred writer +10%

With this option, you can choose to collaborate with the writer you have already worked with in the past. Frankly, it’s one of our favorite “extras” — unlike many other ones, it can give you a guarantee that your paper will be satisfactory. 

Writepaperforme Customer Service

For an essay writing service, customer support is almost as important as the writers. After all, if something goes wrong, you’ll have to solve your problems with customer service, not the writers. The communication with the writers is done through customer support, as well as the paper’s delivery and any other issues that might arise in the process.

Some reviews suggest the company’s customer service agents are not native English speakers, but the vast majority of the students claim that they are very fast and friendly. You can contact customer service by phone, Facebook messenger, or a quick chat, which is very convenient. 


We must admit that before doing this review we were a bit suspicious about Writepaperforme. How can possibly a company with such low prices deliver high-quality work? We were quite sure that all the positive reviews were fake. 

However, after doing our own research, we were pleasantly surprised. Not only does the company have one of the lowest prices on the market, but it also has great customer support and good writers. Admittedly, some papers from might not be perfect, but they will definitely be good enough to pass. 

The Essay I Bought From Writepaperforme


  • Academic level: High School
  • Type of paper: Argumentative Essay
  • Subject: Other
  • Topic: School Days Should Start Later for High School Students
  • Length: 1 page
  • Citation: APA
  • Urgency: 14 days
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| Open Open in new tab Essay Analysis and Evaluation

Grammar and Spelling 9/10
  • “later school start times has various advantages” later school start times have various advantages
  • “High School students” high school students
Style and word choice8/10
  • “sleep time should start later” school time should start later (a typo)
  • “Based on these, school days should start later” based on that, school days should start later
  • “including, improved academic performance, improved physical health, and fewer accident risks” including improved academic performance, improved physical health, and fewer accident risks.
  • “They will be more alert to review their studies and get better grades and have better moods to conduct their daily activities” They will be more alert to review their studies, get better grades, and have better moods to conduct their daily activities.
  • The formatting was done properly, but the writer forgot to add a running head.
  • Plagiarism was not detected.
Documentation and evidence8/10
  • Most of the sources were cited properly, and the sources used were relevant and appropriate. Some sources were cited in an odd way, but the writer corrected it after we asked for a revision.
Following instructions10/10
  • The author followed all the instructions.
  • The essay was delivered on time.
Ordering and delivery10/10
  • The ordering process was easy, and the essay was delivered by email.
Communication with support9/10
  • The support was very friendly and answered all our questions. 
Communication with the writer 8/10
  • After we requested a revision, the writer replied quite fast and corrected all the mistakes.
  • The payment was fast and secure.
Ideas and content10/10
  • As for a high-school essay, it was very well researched and had some great ideas. 
  • The author wrote an interesting introduction and made a logical conclusion.

What was good

The writer did some interesting research and presented his findings in a logical manner. The text also had an introduction and a conclusion, which made it easy to follow. When we asked for a revision, all the necessary corrections were made.

What was missing

The writer cited some sources in an odd manner, so we had to ask for a revision. There were also a few mistakes and typos that could have been easily avoided if the writer paid more attention.


All in all, it is a great high-school level paper. The author’s point of view was quite unique. It was clear that he did enough research and didn’t just express his personal thoughts, which is important for academic essays. The paper could have been perfect if the writer invested more time into proofreading and reviewing the essay. 


Is Writepaperforme legit?

After conducting a thorough review, we came to the conclusion that it really is a legit company. When it comes to the papers’ quality it mostly depends on your writer: some reviews claim their papers were great, others aren’t that positive.

How can I get a discount code?

Writepaperforme is one of the most (if not the most) affordable essay writing services. That’s why it doesn’t offer many discount code. Still, you can get a pop-up on the company’s website, or find a promo code on coupon websites.

How to download Writepaperforme?

There’s no need to download any apps in order to use Writepaperforme services. Just go to their website, create an account or log in with Facebook, and fill out the application form.

What can I do if I am not satisfied with Writepaperforme and their services?

If you’re not satisfied with your essay, you should contact customer support and decide whether you want revisions or a refund.


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My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

James Connally

My name is James Connally and I'm an Essay Examiner. I buy essays online to examine their quality and write in-depth, comprehensive essay writing service reviews.

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