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The Essay I Bought From PaperHelp​


  • Type of paper: Essay
  • Topic: Harry Potter. What made the book become so popular? When is the end of its era? And how the book has changed the lives of children and adults?
  • Length: 1 page
  • Urgency: 3 days

PaperHelp Essay Analysis and Evaluation​

Grammar and Spelling: 8/10
  • The Harry Potter novel series have rapidly become”— has become
  • “the series are translated” — the books are translated/the series is translated
  • “The Harry Potter series consist” – consists
  • “still may arouse interest among the people”— arouse interest among people
  • “..already became the part…”— has already become a part
  • “Taking into a consideration”— taking into consideration
  • “the popularity of the book series and the impact they have on the people” — the impact it has on people
  • “is still waiting their favorite writer” — waiting for their favorite writer
  • “can be referred as the novels of the century” — can be referred to
Style and word choice: 8/10
  • “…and secretly wanting one day to appear at the Olivander’s shop in the Diagon Alley to get a wizard wand in order to start a school year in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”— “one day” should be deleted or put in the end of the sentence.
  • a huge fan base in all countries”— a huge fan base in every country
  • “a new world that attracts so much” — a new world that is so attractive/attracts so many people
  • “The books have forever changed the lives of people and the course of literature and can be referred as the novels of the century” — the author used “and” twice in one sentence
Punctuation: 10/10
  • The author didn’t make any mistakes in punctuation.
Formating: 10/10
  • The author made a clear introduction and a logical conclusion.
Originality: 10/10
  • Plagiarism was not detected.
Following instructions: 10/10
  • The author followed all the instructions.
Punctuality: 10/10
  • The paper was delivered on time.
Ordering and delivery: 10/10
  • The ordering process is very easy and straightforward.
  • When the essay is ready, you get an email notification. Then you can download the paper as an image from your account.
Communication with support: 8/10
  • We didn’t have any problems with our order so there was no need to contact customer support.
Communication with writer: 5/10
  • There’s no option to contact the writer on Paperhelp.
Payment: 8/10
  • We used a prepaid card and it worked well. After the payment, you’re not redirected to your account, which is the only problem.
Ideas and content: 10/10
  • The author presented some interesting ideas and was consistent throughout the text.
Organization: 10/10
  • The text is well-organized and coherent.

What was good​

The author has a good command of English and made just a few insignificant mistakes. The text had a good flow, its structure made sense and it was interesting to read.

What was missing​

Although they weren’t significant, the writer did make some errors in grammar and style.


All in all, the writer did a great job. The text has a logical structure and the sentences are connected to each other, so the essay is really easy to follow. The author could brush up on grammar though — he kept making the same mistake over in over. Still, I’m sure this essay would get very good great.
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